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Learning does not have to be boring...

Just like the city of Antwerp, our campus is a hyperactive learning environment where everyone gets to be creative… including the trainers!

Inclusive Coding bootcamps

At BeCode, we are dreamers. We believe we can change the world, make it a better place. A more equal place, where everyone has access to a proper education, whatever their background.

Therefore we provide qualitative, competitive and inclusive coding bootcamps, accessible to all.

Ping Pong breaks!

Coding feels a lot like dancing in your head… It’s easy to forget our body needs to move and relax too!

Our Antwerp Campus enjoys a great ping pong table to fool around with white balls instead of blinking cursors…

Team spirit

Team spirit is at the core of BeCode’s values. We encourage cross-classes activities and try to mix all people together.

Our courses

Web development

7 months full-time training, accessible without prior coding skills.

  • Strong emphasis on soft skills (solution finding, learning how to learn, presentation skills).
  • Technologies including (but not limited to) Github, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS, etc.
  • 2 last months of the programme are dedicated to acquiring skills in a technology of their choice.
  • 1-3 months internship within a company.

AI Bootcamp

7 months full-time, advanced training, accessible with some coding skills.

  • Introduction to statistics & math.
  • Technologies including (but not limited to) Python, Terminal, Git, advanced libraries for big data (Pandas, Numpy), Model for Machine
  • Learning and deep learning.
  • 2 last months of the programme are dedicated to acquiring skills in a technology of their choice.
  • 1-3 months internship within a company.

Why learn at BeCode ?

In less than a year, you will be ready for your new career

Free of charge

No degree or experience required

Active learning: we work hard, we play hard !

You get access to professional platforms & tools

(incl. GitHub Student pack)

We help you find a job
(80% positive outcome)

Come and meet us

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A thousand different stories

Don't listen to us, listen to people who have followed our training!

“BeCode guided me to find my way in web development, to open up to working in a group and most importantly, be good at googling. I knew absolutely nothing before I started the BeCode, and now am part of an IT team in a software company.”

Marianna, Antwerp 2019

Precisely one year ago, the AI Data Science training started, offering me a breath of fresh air and new career opportunities. One year later, I would like to thank you for this terrific experience. I only keep positive memories of my time at BeCode : a new skillset, amazing new encounters and above all a reinforced self-esteem.

Claire, Brussels 2019

“My coaches guided me throughout the training and helped me overcome all the obstacles

that I’ve had to face on the way. I’m forever grateful!”

Janina, Brussels 2019-2020

How to get there

BeCode Antwerp is located in “The Beacon”, a digital hub that brings together actors of the digital world.
“The Beacon” is located in the building formerly known as Tolhuis. 20 minutes by foot from the Antwerp Central Station, you can access the campus with the tram line 7, “Sint-Paulusstraat” stop or park your car in the “Parking Grote Markt”.


We are not alone in this fight -far from it. BeCode is lucky to enjoy the help and support of many companies and public structures who care deeply about our mission and share our dream of a more inclusive society.

Public partners

Private partners

Educational partners

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