BeCode Pedagogic Framework

The seven pillars of our pedagogy

Educate me, not by making me memorize facts, but by teaching me how to read between the lines, how to critically think, how to deeply understand. Educate me by respecting me. Educate me by treating me as a human. Educate me by showing me that you make mistakes just like I do. Educate me by showing me that i am not perfect, and neither are you….


– Najwa Zebian, Mind Platter

The BeCode Pedagogic approach is an evolving experimentation within 7 boundaries, to ease and protect the learning process of the group and help everyone develop the soft skills of a true digital para-commando.

Our goal is that each of our learners becomes a reliable team player, eager to learn and with a great solution mindset.

The seven boundaries are :

1. Active learning methodologies

Learn by doing.


At BeCode, people learn by doing, by experimenting their skills on concrete projects, working individually or as part of a team.

The learning environment provided in our training centers is similar to a company’s offices. Learners are in charge of their own learning, helped by the coaches in a maieutic approach.

2. Differentiated learning

The learner is the project.


The trainers interview each junior regularly to find out about their professional project and to provide a safe-zone to express difficulties, doubts, terrific ideas, or personal issues.

We follow a common track for most of the training. Yet, when relevant, the trainers provide specific material to learners with difficulties or with more advanced needs.

3. Meta Learning

Help yourself by helping others.


Learners are not considered as students but as collaborators working together to achieve the same goal.

To do so, they must help each other in solving challenges.

This process helps our learners understand how they learn best and develop their autonomy in learning.

This is a crucial skill since technologies  evolve continuously and we must keep ourselves updated throughout our career.

4. The BeCode rules

Rules to play hard. And safe.


A learner at BeCode enjoys a lot of freedom. There is no freedom without boundaries – rules.

While BeCode offers a learning methodology in which each learner is the main driver of their training, rules have been elaborated in order to optimise the learning process for the group, just like in a company.

Nothing fancy, really: be on time, every day. Own your words. Embrace failure. Help each other. Contribute to solutions, not to problems. Stay away from drama. Be constructive. Communicate.

5. Pragmatism

As much interactions as possible with the local businesses.


It is vital for our mission that we stay relevant and up to date with the local job market.

Our campuses are easy to reach, located near train stations and close to the local ecosystem of companies and startups.

This allows us to have almost daily interactions with companies looking to meet and hire our learners, and narrow the human distance between job seekers and job providers.

6. The Solution Mindset

In front of a challenge, we want “Try” babies, not “Cry” babies.

Humans are creatures of habit. We like our days to go as planned. When does that happen ? Never.

Embrace it. Be flexible and enjoy the problem, because problem means opportunity.

At BeCode or in a company, we have to expect the unexpected. Things will not go as planned. That’s life. We can cry, or we can learn to enjoy being out of our comfort zone and be flexible – and thus resilient, to channel our energy into thinking about solutions instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.

7. The Daily Ingredients

Kindness + Mutual Help + 100% individual Commitment.


At BeCode, we want you to take risks and fail as much as possible, because “F.A.I.L. means “first Attempt In Learning” (A.P.J. Abdul Kalam).

Our entire staff makes sure the group quickly becomes a self-supporting team in which solidarity and positivism are at the core of their DNA, an environment in which everyone feels safe enough to take risks, and thus learn.

So: show up, try, fail, learn and try again. And again. And again. Eventually, you will nail it!

At BeCode, become a reliable team player, eager to learn and with a great solution mindset, ready to join the digital workforce.

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