Research & development projects

To maximize our impact and push forward adult continuous education using active learning methodologies, BeCode operates several projects in parallel, involving a wide range of public and private partners at a national and international level.


Our research and development projects

White Hacker

As part of this ESF project, BeCode has developed a number of specific modules for ICT employees of companies who want to study the cyber security aspects of their job. After having followed these modules, they will be able to apply the fundamentals of secure cloud technologies on remote infrastructures using providers like AWS or Azure and their services.


In this ESF project, BeCode has developed a number of specific modules for ICT employees of companies who want to study the AI aspects of their job. They will gain knowledge of Natural Language Processing and will learn, in a hands-on way, how to automatically classify large quantities of documents and e-mails. 


This Erasmus+ project aims at sharing the best training practices in inclusive adult education concerning digital skills, to ensure access to the digital world for all, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, social status, educational level, etc.


This Erasmus+ funded project aimed at bridging the generational knowledge gap. Through an innovative online platform, you can learn about, but also share knowledge of digital and soft skills with other citizens from all around the European Union.

Free to Code

As part of this project, an innovative training programme was developed to learn detained people, between 18 and 60 years old, how to code. By focussing on digital literacy and the basics of coding and by developing the necessary business and entrepreneurship attitudes, their re-introduction into society should be facilitated.

Code for Teens

As part of this funded project, Coderdojo and BeCode are joining forces in order to sensitize Brussels teenagers to the ICT sector, by introducing them to programming, through enjoyable and fun coding workshops. So far, we’ve organized 19 workshops, introducing 380 teenagers to the wonderful world of coding.


For this project, BeCode and Voka Oost-Vlaanderen have joined forces to lower the barriers to employment for women from migrant backgrounds. Through tailor-made training and coaching, BeCode aims at guiding these women towards a sustainable job in a forward-looking field, ICT.

Digiskills op maat

Digital skills are becoming more and more ubiquitous in every job. Yet companies are hesitant to invest in those so needed digital skills. As part of this project, we’ll be mapping out the digital needs and the inhibitions among employers and employees. In a next phase a ​pilot project will be set up with ten companies that are open to recruitment from and/or reskilling of their own employees.

Digital Wallonia

To bridge the digital divide in Wallonia, Digital Wallonia and the Walloon Government have teamed up with BeCode. Their goal? Making the BeCode trainings available to jobseekers in Charleroi & Liège.

ESF Vlaanderen

By bringing BeCode’s web development training to Limburg, ESF Vlaanderen and BeCode aimed at helping unemployed Limburgers develop the necessary tech and soft skills to persue a career in a forward-looking field, ICT. By having runned 4 web development classes more than 80 unemployed Limburgers have developed the digital skills of today and tomorrow. 

JP Morgan Foundation

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world of work. With the support of the JP Morgan Foundation, we can develop adapted programs aimed at recruiting, training and employing more vulnerable candidates into our Brussels based programs. 

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