As part of this ESF-project BeCode has developed a number of modules for ICT employees of companies who want to study the AI aspects of their job.

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Goal of the project

As part of this project BeCode has developed a number of specific modules for ICT employees of companies who want to study the AI aspects of their job.

A number of components of the existing curriculum for jobseekers as been reworked and a format has been designed based on our active pedagogy, allowing participants to apply their new insights straight to their specific business cases.

The project is supported by the European Social Fund.

Project details

The training focuses on the development of expert competencies for ICT employees (mainly programmers) who want to deepen their knowledge in the development of AI applications.

A Python developer with a background in AI fundamentals is a computer specialist working on artificial intelligence problems and technologies. These IT professionals are part of a group of employees that is in high demand as artificial intelligence and machine learning are on the rise in different parts of the IT industry.

The task of a Python developer with AI fundamentals is to cultivate and analyze data from different sources and then extract the necessary information from this data using artificial intelligence. This information enables a company to optimize its operations and anticipate future needs.

An important part of the work consists in providing customers, both internal and external, with the results of the various analyses in various forms (reports, presentations, dashboards, …), by means of web development or an interface with dashboards.

A Python developer with AI fundamentals works with libraries, algorithms, and other tools to promote the artificial intelligence sector. These professionals can work on different types of artificial intelligence in various industries: healthcare, retail, …

Possessing extensive development skills and statistical dexterity as well as being familiar with data visualization is essential for these developers as they also need to be familiar with the business processes they are working on and database querying.

In that respect, a Python developer with an AI fundamentals background is responsible for: making a problem analysis, the choice of a technical solution, the development of all technical functionalities, being in compliance with the best coding practices and testing and validating the created solution.

In addition, he participates in: training the end users upon the delivery of the product, providing technical support during the use of the product and correcting problems with the product when reported by the user.

Target audience

Every Flemish company can potentially benefit from the deployment of AI applications. The training is aimed at all companies that already have a good basic understanding of what AI could mean for their organization and have at least a first idea of a possible implementation.

We do, however, focus on organizations that already have an internal ICT team at their disposal, not on those companies that rely exclusively on consultants and/or integrators for ICT implementations.

The training is open to the ICT staff of these companies, whether they have prior knowledge of the Python programming language or not.

Project phases

  • Market validation & co-creation:  December 2019 – October 2020.
  • Development of the training program: March 2020 – November 2020.
  • Pilot training: December 2020 – May 2021.

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Houria Toulni

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