Code For Teens, Coderdojo and BeCode have joined forces to offer Brussels teenagers a first experience with the world of coding.

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Goal of the project

As part of this project BeCode wants to offer teenagers a first contact with the world of coding.

As part of this funded project, Coderdojo & BeCode are joining forces in order to sensitize Brussels teenagers to the ICT sector, by introducing them to programming, through enjoyable and fun coding workshops.

The project is supported by & Coderdojo.

Project details

The Code For Teens project aims at sensitizing teenagers in Brussels to the world of opportunities brought to us by the ICT sector. 

With concrete workshops, we want teenagers to become aware of their ability to complete tech challenges and of the existing tech ecosystem in Brussels. We also want them to realize all that new technologies make possible with coding and artificial intelligence. 

We organized 19 workshops, introducing 380 teenagers to the coding world.

    Target audience

    The Code For Teens project targets secondary school students between 12 and 18 years old, in Brussels.

      Project phases

      • April 2019: First coding workshop as part of the project.

      • Early November 2019: Special robotics workshop & ministerial visit.

      • End of November 2019: Last coding workshop as part of the project

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