Lowering barriers to employment for women from migrant backgrounds. From non-professional to junior web developer, yes we can!

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Goal of the project

At BeCode, we think that many skills can be found among people who do not currently take an active role in the job market, the so-called non-professional workers.

Research in Ghent shows, on the one hand, a relatively low representation of women with a migration background on the job market. On the other hand, it appears that these women often already have strong digital skills. We believe that IT jobs offer the necessary flexibility to overcome existing barriers to work (e.g. family care). At the same time, we observe a growing demand for digital skills, in all sectors, for various jobs.

That is why BeCode, in collaboration with Voka Oost-Vlaanderen, wants to guide women with a migration background towards a sustainable job, through tailor-made training and coaching. 

Project details

With the DIG IT project, we offer an answer to the demand for skilled digital talents. Together with our partners, we want to reach out to non-professional women with a migration background from Ghent and convince them to follow a training course to become a junior web developer, with the help of an appropriate coaching.

Within this ESF project BeCode has the responsibility to train the target group to become a junior web developer.

Project phases

  • October 2019: Start of the project
  • December 2021: End of the project