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In the coming years, the need for digital skills will increasingly rise in almost every job. Yet companies are hesitant to invest in those much-needed skills. By joining forces with the city of Ghent, BeCode hopes to gain insight into the nature of this gap and the inhibitions among employees and employers, which will in turn be the driving force for the development of a training path that aims at closing this gap.

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Goal of the project

In the coming years, the need for digital skills will gradually rise in almost every job. Yet, nowadays, employees do not always have the much-needed digital skills to perform their jobs properly. As a lack of digital skills might put a serious brake on a rapid digitization, we can expect that companies are increasingly investing in these digital skills, as well as in recruiting and reskilling employees with digital potential. Nevertheless, to date, this barrier remains very high.

In this project, we therefore not only aim at mapping out the digital skills gap, but also the inhibitions among both employers and employees to start closing this gap, on a large scale. Through a pilot project, we subsequently want to help ten companies, open to reskilling their employees, close their digital skills gap. 

Project details

In order to reach this goal, we develop, based on our practical experience, a customised global approach that includes:

  • A thorough sensitization that aims at removing the identified obstacles and making the opportunities more tangible (and this for each target group).
  • An analysis of the skills gap and possible training offers.
  • A proposal for a concrete and modular training, particularly on the skills required to work with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, as an end user or to manage the implementation and maintenance of the system.
  • A modular training program, including the recruitment of job-seeking participants (possibly supplemented with existing employees from the partner companies), the continuous acquisition of feedback, the adjustment of the training offer as well as the matchmaking with the partner companies in order to achieve a maximum flow into the labor market.

Given the high demand for profiles with knowledge of market leader SAP’s new ERP system 4/HANA and the unique partnership with the People To Work program, the pilot project will be developed in this context.

Target audience

In order to map out the digital gap and the inhibitions of employers and employees, this project aims at consulting companies and companies using SAP as their ERP system.

Job seekers with some business experience and employees who wish to add a digital component to their skillset in order to enroll on a new, future-proof career path are welcome in our pilot project. 

    Project phases

    • Phase 1: Raising awareness / doing research.
    • Phase 2: Developing training paths.
    • Phase 3: Recruiting & selecting candidates.
    • Phase 4: Training.
    • Phase 5: Career coaching and matching with companies.

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