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Digital Wallonia and BeCode have joined forces to bring the BeCode trainings to Wallonia. Our web development and AI classes have been launched in 2 cities: Charleroi & Liège.

A project supported by

Goal of the project

As part of this project BeCode aimed at bringing the web development and AI trainings to Wallonia.

BeCode is a non-profit organisation that offers free educational programs to anyone who is motivated and eager to learn new skills to work in a forward-looking sector: ICT.

The project is supported by Digital Wallonia.

Project details

Digital Wallonia and the Walloon Government have teamed up with BeCode in order to bridge the digital divide in Wallonia, by making the BeCode trainings available to jobseekers in Charleroi & Liège. 

Along with front- & back-end development skills, the programme has a special focus on soft skills, in order to help the jobseekers develop the best approach to working and learning in a tech environment. 

Target audience

The target audience of the project consists of adults who are remote from employment due to a lack of degrees or diplomas (school drop-outs), a lack of professional experience, a lack of soft and tech skills or a long-term unemployment period.

Project phases

  • 2018-2019: Initial launch of the first trainings in Charleroi & Liège.

  • 2019-2020: Consolidation of the project.

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