EUnited We Code

EUnited We Code is an Erasmus+ project that aims to promote socio-professional insertion through digital skills.

A project supported by

The EUnited We Code project is co-funded by the Eramus+ program. 

Goal of the project

Ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities in the digitalisation of our economy and society, is one of the main goals of the European Union. To achieve this equality of opportunities, three main action points had been levered: the development of digital infrastructures, the dissemination of digital skills and the strengthening of the ability of all to be informed. EUnited We Code is part of the commitment to promote digital skills and ensure digital access for all, regardless of gender, etic origin, social status, diplomas, etc.

Project details

EUnited We Code aims at addressing a European dual issue: a very high unemployment rate coupled to a digital gap growing wider due to a lack of trainings that focus on the development of basic digital competences. In order to tackle this challenge, strengthening and spreading an active pedagogy for people with vulnerable backgrounds by optimizing the recruitment and the place of the coaches in this process, seemed like the starting point. To facilitate the accomplishment of this mission, three tools have been developed: a digital compass, a mobility program and a recruitment guide.

The digital compass is an interactive online platform where coaches exchange, discuss or ask questions about their experiences and the difficulties that they face. The aim of this platform is to strengthen the synergy between the coaches, allowing everyone to grow in their role.

The mobility program then aims at connecting coaches from the Simplon Network with training centers all over Europe, offering them the unique opportunity of an abroad experience.

Lastly, a recruitment guide, consisting of three pillars, was developed: attract, assess and onboard. This guide consists of different components in order to move smoothly through the three phases previously mentioned: a list of platforms where new coaches can be found, a catchy message that can be shared on social media, the profile of an ideal candidate, a job description, the different steps in the recruitment process, an interview guide, an evaluation grid and a passport.

Target audience

That digital is a powerful tool for social inclusion, is no longer a secret. But let’s face it, there is always room for improvement. By letting different partners from the (digital) educational field share their experiences, a European network of social coding schools was built to help even more people far from the job market, turn their lives around.


How better to promote socio-profesional insertion than by teaming up with partners that share your objective, we thought. That’s why we joined forces with Simplon France, Simplon Roumenia, Factory F5 and POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ to further develop and defend our social, inclusive and coeducational vision for the digital sector.

Project phases

  • November 2018: Start of the project.
  • End of june 2019: Hackathon.
  • November 2019: Final conference.

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