Brussels untapped talents adapting to the “digital new normal”

As part of its efforts to power the dreams of the most disadvantaged, BeCode, with the support of J.P. Morgan, has launched a new project aiming at helping young people not in employment, education or training (NEETS), women and migrants acquire the skills to promising career paths in the IT sector.

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Goal of the project

With the support of J.P. Morgan, this project builds on previous initiatives and training paths developed to fit the learning needs of various audiences. This project is part of BeCode’s continued effort to adapt to new environments and to recruit, train and bring to employment more vulnerable candidates as part of our Brussels-based programs.

Project details

In the response to the global Covid-19 pandemic and its severe implications on today and tomorrow’s labour market and the skills needed by employers, we are developing and implementing adapted programs aiming at enabling increased job market integration of young NEETS, women and migrants. 

Listen tho those who have followed our training

“I’ve learned to stay on top of new technologies and everything that comes out, to understand how to learn. Before my training, I didn’t know how to proceed when I wanted to learn something. Now I’ve learned that I just have to practice, practice, practice.”

Hani Boubker

Web development alumnus Brussels

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Frédéric De Cooman

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