Orange, a true BeCode kick-starter


In 2016 Orange was found willing to help kickstart the BeCode project by providing part of the seed capital. Thanks to Orange support we have been able to develop training activities in 3 different regions and to launch trainings in AI, Cybersec, DevOps and Web Development.


To this day Orange is one of our committed partners, helping us make sure our juniors can thrive.


Orange’s support to BeCode

Orange is a historical partner that has been with BeCode since the very beginning.  Thanks to Orange its support, we’ve been able to launch several trainings, more concretely in the domain of AI, Cyber Security, DevOps and Web Development.

With the complementary Orange 5G Lab program in Antwerp, we are able to maximize the job opportunities for our juniors and bridge the gap better between digital talents and the Belgian job market.

Digital Sprint Liège March 2022

Orange-BeCode partnership in 2022

Closing the digital gap thanks to professional (re)integration

In order to reduce the digital gap, Orange Belgium has opened an Orange Digital Center in BeCentral, in the heart of Brussels. Its aim: serve as a support and development center allowing everyone to gain and improve digital and entrepreneurial skills, with activities ranging from digital training to coaching for small businesses and startups, offering a real traject for personal and business growth.

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Partnering with BeCode, Orange is supporting the organization of long-term trainings to allow participants to become web developers or data analysts with a specific focus on Big Data, AI and CyberSecurity. A new specialization has been developed in 5G network applications, together with the complementary Orange 5G Lab program in Antwerp.
After their trainings, the participants have access to 2-months internships and are able to rely on a dedicated coach to help them in the research for a job.

Listen tho those who have followed our training

“I’ve learned to stay on top of new technologies and everything that comes out, to understand how to learn. Before my training, I didn’t know how to proceed when I wanted to learn something. Now I’ve learned that I just have to practice, practice, practice.”

Hani Boubker

Web development alumnus Brussels

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