Start a career in Cyber Security in 7 months

As a Security operator (SecOps specialist), you will help companies in implementing security services and controls in cloud and hybrid environments. You will learn how to configure a secure environment to defend your organization against threats and protect data and applications. In just 7 months. For free. And no diploma is required!

Become a security operator

Every bug is an opportunity

Our BeCode SecOps Bootcamp has been built to give you a security-driven mindset that equips you with the skills to proactively identify and mitigate threats. We believe in constantly improving your security capabilities and embracing the ever-evolving challenges in the cybersecurity landscape.

The Security operator job is based on the following activities:

  • Administration of cloud and hybrid infrastructures: provisioning, integration, configuration, security, and maintenance in operational and security conditions.
  • Supervision and support, in compliance with good methodological practices
  • The evolution of cloud and hybrid infrastructures and risk management
  • Administration of technical solutions allowing users to access data and applications, ensuring access security and data protection.
  • The integration of mobility and remote work related solutions in the management of users’ work environment.
  • Participation in the company’s security policy by raising awareness, providing documentation and disseminating best practices.





This is what you’ll gain

This training aims at preparing you to become a Security Operator, based on your existing knowledge and the ones you will acquire at BeCode. That is why we will look into the following domains:

  • Administer and secure a corporate network
  • Administer and secure a heterogeneous computing environment
  • Administer and secure a virtualized server infrastructure
  • Apply good practices and contribute to service quality
  • Create automation scripts
  • Integrate and manage various user work environments
  • Administer services in a distributed infrastructure
  • Monitor, measure and report on infrastructure performance and availability
  • Recommend an IT solution to address new needs
  • Measure and analyze the security level of the infrastructure
  • Participate in the development and implementation of the security policy

As a professional, you need to understand a clients’ needs and activities and you need to learn how to communicate properly about technical concepts. That is why you will learn how to speak in public, how to write reports, how to be flexible and how to manage a project from A to Z. Next to that, all of our BeCodians also develop skills in the following domains: Autodidact, autonomy, team spirit, liability and solution orientation.


You can. End of story.