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Since 2017 BeCode has been organizing inclusive coding bootcamps to help the untapped digital talent of today, especially the most vulnerable in society, become the developers of tomorrow. More than 1.500 job seekers have been trained and soft-landed in their careers as a junior developer, AI data scientist, DevOps/Ops, SAP consultant or end-user.

Eager to discover how you can do your part?

Offer a new life to a high-potential candidate:

Student grant

By providing a student grant to another BeCode candidate, you will literally change the course of a life of someone talented, deserving and without alternative options. A small effort goes a long way!

  • Regular student grant: 3.000 Euro
  • Advanced student grant: 5.000 Euro

3 different ways to contribute. Your choice!

You can contribute once or on a monthly basis. Your choice.
Donations to BeCode are tax deductible!

With an invoice

  • Fill in the amount you want to donate to BeCode, accompanied by the IBAN BE36 7370 4562 2981
  • Send a notification to to trace your donation back to BeCode and receive your invoice.

With a fiscal certificate

  • Surf to the website of the foundation Better
    Complete your personal information
    Choose a payment method and make the donation
  • You will receive an automatic invoice
  • You will receive the tax deduction automatically.

Why donate? They talk about their experience

“Investing in people to tackle barriers to opportunity and create the conditions for lasting change is core to J.P. Morgan’s philanthropic commitment across the globe. We are passionate about supporting a more inclusive labour market and helping young people in Belgium gain the skills they need to unleash their digital talent and access IT careers.”

Lionel Julienne

Head of Corporate Banking Belgium, J.P. Morgan

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