At BeCode, we believe in life-long learning. With fast-evolving technologies and business environments, we all face the need to reskill or upskill our work force and keep them fully up to date – and even change jobs altogether. That is why BeCode has been working with companies to help them re-train their teams to better fit today’s digital needs. Scroll down to find out about our methodology and courses.

Why train my team with BeCode?

It’s our core business at BeCode to reskill motivated talents – be it mostly jobseekers and school drop-outs. We’ve trained over 1700 talents into much sought-after developers so far and soft-landed a majority of our graduates into their new careers, even though many of them had never touched a line of code before they started.

The same techniques can be applied to help our industry partners to not only attract new talents, but also hang on to their most loyal and trusted employees by supporting their growth and providing them chances for a radical career shift, allowing them a new high-potential career within the company.

For managers and employees

BeCode’s B2B programmes have been elaborated both for decision-makers and for team members.

With AI, DevOps and Cybersecurity for Managers, we offer leaders a better view of what such technologies have to offer, we help you figure out if it makes sense for you to implement them within your organisation and how to proceed.

With our Python offerings, we offer your IT team the opportunity to be introduced to and hone their skills in Python, THE AI programming language, and hence to create chatbots, get the most of your data and get introduced to CI/CD.

With Digital Fundamentals, we will offer your less tech-savvy employees a concrete training into using the basic digital tools of today and tomorrow.

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