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At BeCode, we believe in life-long learning. With fast-evolving technologies and business environments, we all face the need to reskill or upskill our work force and keep them fully up to date – and even change jobs altogether.

That is why BeCode has been working with companies to help them re-train their teams to better fit today’s digital needs. Scroll down to find out about our methodology and course offerings!

Why train my team with BeCode?

It’s our core business at BeCode to reskill motivated talents – be it mostly job seekers and school drop-outs. We’ve trained over 1000 talents into sought-after developers so far and soft-landed more than 80% of our graduates into their new careers, even though many of them had never touched a line of code before they started.

The same techniques can be applied to help our industry partners to not only attract new talents, but also hang on to their most loyal and trusted employees by supporting their growth and providing them chances for a radical career shift, allowing them a new high-potential career within the company.

3 types of trainings

We know every company has different needs, and every collaborator, different skillsets and levels of IT knowledge. That is why we have developed learning paths that will always fit a company’s needs.

With Digital Fundamentals learning paths, you can offer your employees the chance to acquire practical knowledge in some basic technical skills. These entry-level bootcamps will help your non-IT skilled collaborators acquire more digital literacy with an interactive and creative methodology.

Digital Career Orientation learning paths are specially crafted for individuals with some basic computer skills who would like to specialize in an IT field, but still need to find out which path to take. A perfect opportunity for a first touch with several types of digital careers.

Career trainings have been created to offer your IT employees the opportunity to hone their skills and learn specific know-how in future-proof domains, enabling them to acquire the skills that will lead to a technical position.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

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