Learn how to automate your processes with our Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment course.

Why learn about CI/CD?

In today’s digital world, automation is the key to an improved efficiency. By attending this 5-days training, you can save a lot of money learning how to handle the automation of your softwares & processes. 

Develop your application with correct standards and implement constant improvement to avoid mistakes, crashes.

Who is this training for?

Are you a developer looking to add CI/CD conventions to your skillset? Then our training is for you!

What you will learn:

With the CI/CD training, you will hop into the world of continuous integration and learn the best practices to implement and test new features to your projects. You will also plunge into continuous deployment, learning how to automatize and deploy new features. You will be introduced to Docker and Git.

At the end of the session, you can expect:

  • A good understanding of weaknesses in your applications
  • Ways to automate updates, check the stability of your applications
  • A good knowledge of deployment methods
  • The ability to use containers and understand the concept of versioning

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5 days




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Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Feel free to contact Jean-Benoît Hoet, our Head of Engagement.

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