Make your own Chatbot

Chatbots are everywhere, they are a practical and efficient tool to keep in close touch with your audience and make customer services way more efficient! Why not make your own personalized chatbot?

Why learn how to make your own chatbot?

Join the chatbot hype ! With BeCode, you can learn how to create your own chatbot and better connect with your audience. By joining our 5-days session, you will improve your customers’ experience with your business : a well-informed customer is a happy one, right?

Who is this training for?

Would you like to add a chatbot to your business? Are you a developer looking to add this know-how to your skillset? Then our training is for you!

What you will learn:

With the ‘Make your own Chatbot’ course, you will learn to make your own chatbot by using open-source, already existing tools that will enable you to improve your customer experience. After an introduction to Rasa and NLP, you will take the plunge into chatbot, creating your own, making it multilingual and deploying it on online platforms like Facebook. You will also discover how to build your own server.

At the end of the session, you can expect:

  • The understanding of how a chatbot operates
  • Ways of building and gathering data on your own
  • The ability to customize and build your own chatbot
  • Ways to deploy your applications online

Practical information





Excl. VAT

5 days




*As part of BeCode’s efforts towards a more inclusive IT job market, 20% of participants will receive a Student grant to join this bootcamp, therefore enabling underprivileged talents to access quality education.

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Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Feel free to contact Jean-Benoît Hoet, our Head of Engagement.

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