For businesses

Our mission is to grow today’s talented – and especially vulnerable – professionals into tomorrow’s best developers. Having trained 1000+ “untapped talents”, we can either help you grow and diversify your existing workforce or work with you to reskill or upskill your most appreciated employees into the newest technologies.

Our services for companies

Recruit “untapped” talents

We are constantly hunting & training the most motivated talents into a range of ICT professions from web developers to AI and DevSecOps juniors. We provide matchmaking services, tailoring of training content, student projects & internships to validate their fit into your company.

Contribute content

If you’re interested to provide workshops, tech talks, hands-on student projects or even internships our juniors can learn from, they absolutely love to learn from the best! It allows you to meet our fantastic BeCoders and – who knows – spot the ones who match exactly what your company has been looking for.

Upskilling & reskilling

If you’re looking to develop your human capital and prepare them for their future (jobs), we can help you both in a full reorientation of non-ICT staff (reskilling) and get your ICT staff fully up-to-speed with the newest digital technologies (upskilling)! And as a bonus, you can save on recruitment, retention & onboarding budgets!


    Are you searching for humane solutions for employees you need to let go because their jobs were replaced by technology or their skill set was insufficiently aligned with your current needs? It’s our core business to help them find a new track in life and soft-land them in their next career step. Let’s jointly work on their outplacement so they leave your company with an excellent experience and prospects.

      What makes BeCode unique

      Always up-to-date: our trainings adapt flexibly to market needs

      Soft and tech skills

      Diversify your workforce as we hunt actively for “untapped” talents


      Future-proof: we recruit for attitude
      & train for skills

      BeCode is a quality label, endorsed by industry leaders

      We help you find a good match based on your needs & company culture