How can you contribute?

All of us have benefited from role models, mentoring and good examples. If we’re in a good place right now, it’s thanks to many others who voluntarily shared their passion, their knowledge and their networks. It’s our time to pay back – or rather “pay it forward” to the next generation!

What’s beneficial for BeCode juniors?

Since the BeCode trainings are based on an active pedagogy, we’re always hunting for interesting workshops, tech talks, hands-on student projects and “real-life” interactions with representatives from industry.

After 7 months of intensive training, our juniors move on to in-company internships to practice their newly acquired skills in a real-life environment and learn to blend in, live up to expectations and deliver against real deadlines – always hoping to prove themselves worthy so they can be hired afterwards.

And since we seek the “untapped talents”, our training programs are free of charge for participants. So we could really use your help to provide student grants (donations/sponsoring/CSR) so we can help as many deserving candidates as possible!

Tech talks & workshops

If you’re an expert in a topic of relevance to one of our trainings, we’d love to have you on campus to share your passion! Our juniors also keep daily tech talks between themselves, so it’s a fantastic learning opportunity for them not only from a content point-of-view but also to learn from the best how to deliver a compelling message!

Topics could include (but feel free to go wild): HR training, blockchain, AI fundamentals, IoT, Smart Cities, UX Design, specific software platforms and implementations (e.g. Watson API, Mendix,…), etc. 

Student projects

Since they learn by doing, having real-life projects to practice on and learn from is a fantastic opportunity for them. That’s why they have built dozens of websites for NGOs and good causes that could not afford a professional agency but would benefit a lot from a kick-ass website! But they’ve also been working on “nice to have” features and applications in companies’ roadmaps, allowing our partners to test the value while avoiding down-time from their production teams.

And many of our juniors have impressed their “customer” so much, they ended up being hired – let’s say that’s a side effect we don’t mind.


BeCode’s mission is to bring the “untapped talents” to the job market. That’s why we require at least an intent to hire to provide BeCode juniors with an internship.

If you’re looking to hire, we’d be happy to help you identify the most suitable candidates, set up some speed dating so you can find your champion and prepare them thoroughly for the journey!

That’s what our “Pay as You Hire” service is for!

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