Looking for digital Talents ?

At BeCode, we strongly believe in the principle of “hiring for attitude and train for skills”.

That’s why we hunt for the most high-potential and talented recruits out there and train them into your most wanted digital talents.


What makes BeCode graduates stand out ?

At BeCode, we recruit candidates based on motivation and potential. We have them go through an intensive 7-month bootcamp, focusing both on technical skills and soft skills. 

The content of the programs is flexible and constantly adapted to industry needs. Our recruits learn by doing, so they become problem solvers by design, know how to learn and acquire new skills by themselves and therefore become able to keep up with the fast-changing technologies and business environment.

BeCode profiles

We currently provide 3 different training programs at BeCode: one at entry level (junior web developer) and two at advanced level (AI Bootcamp & DevSecOps).

Our recruits are trained into a wide range of technical skills as well as soft skills. During the final phase of the program, the training be heavily tailored to their personal preferences and internship preparation. It’s the ideal moment for a company to meet and interact with the learners.

This structure allows us to bring you a wide variety of potential profiles to hire. Graduates are certified at skills level, so we can match the right candidates to your needs.

Junior Web Developer

This 7 months full-time training is  accessible without prior coding skills and allows for individual specialisation. The common program inludes at least:

  • Strong emphasis on soft skills (solution finding, learning how to learn, presentation skills).
  • Technologies including (but not limited to) Github, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS, etc.

Potential outcomes

  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Project manager
  • Community manager
  • UX designer

AI Bootcamp

This 7-months advanced program includes for all participants (apart from individual specialisation):

  • Introduction to statistics & math.
  • Technologies including (but not limited to) Python, Terminal, Git, advanced libraries for big data (Pandas, Numpy), Model for Machine Learning and deep learning.

Potential outcomes

  • AI – Data Operator
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine-Learning Engineer


This 7 months advanced program includes for all participants (apart from individual specialisation):

The program includes for all:

  • Technologies including (but not limited to) Terminal, Shell scripting, Server fundamentals, Secure programming, Server infrastructure, Python, Virtualization, Advanced tools, Cloud, API Management.

Potential outcomes

  • Secure Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Security Specialist
  • DevOps Specialist
  • DevSecOps Specialist

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Pay as You Hire to find the best fit

We’ve trained over 1000 “untapped talents” and soft-landed many of them into their new careers so far. Our team is well equipped to understand your employer needs, identify the best fitting candidates across our training programs and provide suitable speed dating and recruiting contacts.

Once you’ve found your future recruit, we can even tailor the “last mile” of their training program to the technologies and use cases they will be working on once they join you. After their training you can provide them a 3-month in-company internship to fully assess the cultural fit and the speed with which they blend in. That means you will know your newest hire inside and out by decision-time!

We provide this “first access” and matchmaking service to a wide range of partner companies. As BeCode focuses on finding and training “untapped talents”, the training programs are free of charge for participants.

Although we are partially funded through philanthropy and subsidies, we can only provide talents at scale if companies benefiting from our graduates contribute to the project. That’s why our “Pay as You Hire” fees are re-invested in the training of future generations of BeCode talents!

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