Looking to soft-land your loyal employees elsewhere ?

At BeCode, we strongly believe the digital society provides opportunities for everyone – including people who are forced out of their current jobs because of technology!

Sometimes you cannot provide new opportunities within the company – leaving no option but to help your most loyal employees soft-land elsewhere. We can provide a fantastic learning and high-potential career opportunity for those interested in digital technologies, as there is an urgent skills gap to be filled!

Sometimes endings turn out to be new beginnings…

As companies undergo a fundamental digitization, many of the more operational positions become obsolete, whether we like it or not. But that does not mean you’re unhappy with your employees or you don’t mean to see them thrive. It’s just not that easy to help them find a suitable alternative in this fast-changing world.

At BeCode we know how to deal with people with a desire to build a career in the digital industry but no prior knowledge of coding. We also know how to create awareness on the opportunities of such a career shift and how to identify the potential and the drive to see it through.

We’ve trained over 1.000 talents into sought-after developers so far and soft-landed more than 80% of our graduates into their new careers, even though many of them had never touched a line of code before they started.

If you’re facing lay-offs – either individuals or larger groups of employees – we can help you spot the potential digital talents and guide them carefully through that shift, while fully focusing their skills development on technologies and use cases relevant to their future job.

We’re partnering with hundreds of companies, providing them with a clear perspective and very high chance of securing a job following their training and internship!

How does that work exactly ? 

BeCode provides 2 types of reskilling programs:

  1. individual participation to the ongoing BeCode classes, i.e. mixed with job seekers & school drop-outs, which actually provides a very rich learning experience while allowing to practice mostly on business-relevant use cases;
  2. tailormade programs to reskill a group of employees towards similar target profiles (either from 1 company or multiple companies).

Both formats include

  • co-creating an awareness campaign
  • jointly identifying & selecting potential digital talents
  • a hands-on training program, based on an active pedagogy (learn by doing) including
    • technical skills
    • soft skills
    • job coaching & matchmaking
  • an in-company internship

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