Looking to Develop your Human Capital ?

At BeCode, we believe in life-long learning.

With fast-evolving technologies and business environments, we all face the need to reskill or upskill our work force and keep them fully up to date – and even change jobs altogether.

Belgium will have 584,000 unfilled vacancies in 2030.

Reskilling: turning non-technical staff into new digital talent

In their Be the Change report, Agoria warns of the ever-increasing demand for labour. If Belgium does not change its policy, the country will have no less than 584,000 unfilled vacancies in 2030.

As many companies undergo a fundamental digitization, many of the more operational positions become obsolete, whether we like it or not. Yet the war for talent is preventing sufficiently fast hiring of new digital talents. 

Why bother recruiting from the outside if you have a truly motivated and talented staff already, be it with a certain skills gap to make the shift? it makes more sense to invest in a loyal, existing team rather than in recruitment & onboarding.

At BeCode we know how to find and help people with a desire to build a career in the digital industry but lacking the appropriate context.

We also know how to create awareness on the opportunities of such a career shift and how to identify the potential and the drive to see it through.

We can help you spot the jewels within the company and guide them carefully through that shift, while fully focusing their skills development on technologies and use cases relevant to their future job within your company.

BeCode provides 2 types of reskilling programs:

  • individual participation to the ongoing BeCode classes, i.e. mixed with job seekers & school drop-outs. This diversity provides a very rich learning experience while allowing to practice mostly on business-relevant use cases;
  • tailormade programs to reskill a group of employees towards similar target profiles (either from one or multiple companies).

Upskilling: applied learning on business-relevant use cases

Your ICT staff is undoubtedly as passionate about new technologies as we are. And there is plenty of material available online to allow them to acquire new skills and get acquainted with new technologies by themselves. So why invest in upskilling them in a more structured way?

Well, let’s face it – research shows that less than 5% of the population has the self-discipline to develop new skills through self-learning only. Most of us need a social context, a bit of support, a bit of peer pressure and a clear purpose to see it through. And we particularly like to see some results along the way to keep us motivated. 

BeCode provides the ideal learning conditions to sink your teeth into a new challenge: structured yet flexible, in group yet at your own pace and focusing on what interests you the most, hands-on and relevant to your daily business context.

We have developed a Hackers Club format to provide hands-on upskilling, with a minimum of teaching and a maximum of practicing on real-life business cases. We tailor the training context to the prior knowledge, the expectations and the business relevance – all while safeguarding the “hacker mindset”.

Track record

It’s our core business at BeCode to reskill motivated talents – be it mostly job seekers and school drop-outs. We’ve trained over 1000 talents into sought-after developers so far and soft-landed more than 80% of our graduates into their new careers, even though many of them had never touched a line of code before they started.

The same techniques can be applied to help our industry partners to not only attract new talents, but also hang on to their most loyal and trusted employees by supporting their growth and providing them chances for a radical career shift, allowing them a new high-potential career within the company.

Telenet announces a 4-year Learn & Development program with KU Leuven, BeCode and VUB/ULB

We’re piloting a number of programs this year, always applying an active pedagogy to a modern digital topic or use case. Telenet – one of our loyal partners from the very start – even decided to invest in a multiple-year framework agreement with BeCode to provide upskilling programs bringing their ICT staff up to speed on the modern programming languages (e.g. Python). Being alongside KU Leuven, VUB and ULB in that partnership convinced us we have found a second mission for our organization!

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