Train digital competences in a collaborative workspace

Technology is reshaping the world of work and the COVID19 pandemic has only accelerated the changes in how and where we work. As the field is rapidly evolving, it can be a challenge to keep up. But do not worry, BeCode is happy to help your employees develop new, digital competencies relevant for their everyday job. Contact us now and let your staff gain new skills in a collaborative, self-learning environment!

What do we have to offer?

Beyond the development of digital professions, digital skills have become necessary in almost all other professions. This digital transformation has brought to light a big discrepancy between the digital skills of their workforce and the skills needed in their job nowadays. Yet, closing this skills gap can be a big challenge as the digital field is rapidly evolving.

We decided to take on this challenge and set up a collaborative workspace allowing your employees to experiment with different job related situations and develop new digital skills that will help them in their daily job!

Tailor-made learning path

We have developed a training path that departs from your staff’s day-to-day tasks and focuses on the digital skills that are vital in their job. With the European Union’s Digital Competence Framework in mind, we transform these tasks into job-related, tailor-made challenges that will encourage your employees to acquire the necessary digital skills and thus work more efficiently and effectively.

But that’s not all! The framework, consisting of five pillars, also allows us to map the digital level of your employees before and after the training. Thus you know exactly how much progress they have made.

EU Digital Competence Framework

The Digital Competence Framework is partly the basis for working out job-relevant challenges, but what exactly does the framework consist of?

1. Information and data literacy

Articulating information needs, locating and retrieving digital data, information and content; assessing the relevance of the resource and its content; storing, managing and organizing digital data, information and content.

2. Collaboration and communication

Interacting, communicating, and collaborating through digital technologies while being aware of cultural and generational diversity; participating in society through public and private digital services and participatory citizenship; managing digital identity and reputation.

3. Creating digital content

Creating and editing digital content; enhancing and integrating information and content into an existing body of knowledge while understanding how to apply copyright and licensing; knowing how to provide understandable instructions for a computer system.

4. Security 

Protecting devices, content, personal data, and privacy in digital environments; protecting physical and mental health and being aware of digital technologies for social well-being and social inclusion; being aware of the impact of digital technologies on the environment and its use.

5. Problem solving

Identifying needs and problems and solving conceptual problems and problem situations in digital environments, using digital tools to innovate processes and products; keeping up with digital evolution.



Want to fully immerse your staff in this unique learning experience? Let them complete their training on one of our campuses. BeCode is active throughout Belgium with five campuses spread across Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels. So even if your company operates in the farthest corners of the country, you can count on us! 

Do you think your staff will feel more relaxed at their familiar company premises? That’s possible, as long as your employees can focus one hundred percent on the full-time training program.

Does the current health crisis necessitate an online training program or a blended model? No problem, together we will gladly outline a training course that meets your current needs and requirements.


Because of our strong local roots, we can offer our training programs in Dutch, French and English.

Depending on your company’s preference, the groups can be composed homogeneously, i.e. consisting exclusively of Dutch or French speakers, or both language groups can be mixed under the supervision of a bilingual coach. 

Don’t listen to us, listen to those who have enrolled their staff

In 2020 we called upon BeCode to help us increase the digital skills of the participants of our “non-IT” job seeker trainings. We had already collaborated on trainings in Brussels and Wallonia, but this time we went for a brand-new 3-day training program, adapted to the needs of the sector. What we appreciated most in this collaboration was the agility and adaptability of BeCode employees Liesbeth and Alexandre, despite the difficult context. They were able to understand and identify our needs and thus allowed the job seekers to become even more familiar with the technologies that will play a central role in their future career.

Amira Zoukani

Product Manager at Cefora/Cevora

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Would you like to help your staff gain new digital skills that will improve their efficiency and effectiveness? Then be sure to contact us so we can map out your digital needs and adjust the basic trajectory!

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Jean-Benoît Hoet

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