Digital career exploration

The need for digitally trained talent is high and yet many vacancies remain unfilled. But why recruit from the outside when you have a motivated and talented team, be it with a certain skills gap? Contact us today and give your staff a taste of new, digital career paths.

What do we have to offer?

Do an increasing number of jobs in your company require digital skills and are operational jobs becoming redundant because of digitalization, but do you detect a current and future need for digitally trained profiles, despite the shortage on the labor market? 

We have the perfect solution: an orientation course to help your employees explore digital career paths! Through a UX design workshop, they will experiment with building websites or applications and thus get a taste of various digital career opportunities!

Training progression

Three-fold objective

1. The development of digital and soft skills

Our active pedagogy challenges your employees to hone their current digital skills and/or acquire new soft and tech skills in an innovative environment. This training focuses on: working as a team, project management, designing/creation of digital materials, presentation skills, and coding, among others.

2. Understanding & exploring digital career paths

A career in the digital world can take many forms, which can make the search for the right career path difficult. But before your employees can make the big turnaround, it is important to map out their competences and the digital needs of your company. Together we’ll look for the most suitable digital career paths and explore their tasks and responsibilities via testimonials.

3. Reflection on personal development 

It’s time to explore new, digital horizons. We are therefore happy to contribute to soft-landing your employees in their new career path. With a tailor-made growth trajectory, including personal objectives, in their pocket, they will be completely ready for their new adventure!



Want to fully immerse your staff in this unique learning experience? Let them complete their training on one of our campuses. BeCode is active throughout Belgium with five campuses spread across Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels. So even if your company operates in the farthest corners of the country, you can count on us! 

Do you think your staff will feel more relaxed at their familiar company premises? That’s possible, as long as your employees can focus one hundred percent on the full-time training program.

Does the current health crisis necessitate an online training program or a blended model? No problem, together we will gladly outline a training course that meets your current needs and requirements.


Because of our strong local roots, we can offer our training programs in Dutch, French and English.

Depending on your company’s preference, the groups can be composed homogeneously, i.e. consisting exclusively of Dutch or French speakers, or both language groups can be mixed under the supervision of a bilingual coach. 

Don’t listen to us, listen to those who have enrolled their staff

We worked together with BeCode to assess the digital potential of a group of NMBS collaborators in career reorientation/ transition. Throughout a digital career exploration week, the participants experienced not only the ins and outs of digital projects, but they also discovered their strengths such as working in a team, entrepreneurship, designing applications or websites, … We especially appreciated the quality of the continuous feedback and the growth mindset that prevailed. BeCode’s active pedagogy offered our colleagues a challenging and truly enriching experience. Through this collaboration, we will be able to launch our collaborators in a new (digital) career that offers them a growth perspective. This, in turn, contributes to the further digitalization of the company.

Tom Stoop

Talent & career expert at NMBS

Contact us

Would you like to assist your loyal employees in the big digital turn-around by offering them the unique opportunity of exploring numerous digital career paths? Then be sure to contact us so we can map out your digital needs and adjust the basic trajectory where necessary!

Jean-Benoît Hoet

Jean-Benoît Hoet

Contact for Brussels