AI / Data Science Trainer Antwerp

location :Antwerp

About this job

  • Job type: Full-time
  • Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior
  • Role: Data Scientist
  • Industry: Education
  • Company size: 11–50 people
  • Company type: Private


  • git
  • Python
  • Jupyter-notebook
  • sql

Job description

Do you have hands-on work experience in practical Data Science / AI projects involving Machine Learning, NLP or Computer vision ? Do you want to help people change their life by mentoring them into becoming junior AI / Data Operators ? BeCode is hiring AI/Data Science trainers for our campuses in Gent and Antwerpen. Interessed

Who are we looking for?

You have:

  • hands-on work experience in practical Data Science / AI projects involving Machine Learning, NLP or Computer vision
  • a passion for Data Science / Machine Learning
  • a working knowledge of English and Dutch

You are:

  • someone who likes to help people
  • someone who likes to share knowledge
  • a real team player
  • a professional role model

Help people grow

As a coach at BeCode you help ‘juniors’ to find their own way in the IT landscape and develop their coding and problem-solving skills. 

As a coach your daily tasks will be:

  • Designing an educational path adapted to your juniors and preparing an introduction to the challenge
  • Coaching each junior individually through one-on-one conversations and assessments
  • Coaching the group to integrate the dynamics of mutual help, collective intelligence and constructive thinking
  • Helping every junior develop his or her soft skills as strongly as his or her coding skills
  • Assisting each junior in gaining that first professional experience (traineeship or job)
  • Following up on customer projects, hackathons and group projects
  • Being involved in the development of internal tools.

Find out more about the position on the Job Description and  apply here!


















































About BeCode VZW














































The people at BeCode fight tooth and nails every day to help motivated people change their life by entering a career in digital development / Data Science. It is a completely free training. BeCode is financed by private companies and (some) public funding.














































At BeCode, the coach is a Sherpa, a guide who provides a safe environment for their learners to fail (and thus learn), and build self confidence. An environment in which the group becomes a team, a family where mutual help and kindness are key ingredients of the pedagogy.














































As a sherpa, the coach knows shortcuts to lead the whole group – not just those who have it easy – onto the other side of the “learn coding” mountain safe, where a bright career in the digital world awaits the junior. The only way forward is to help each other, as the coach does not give new briefings before everyone finishes the current one.




























































































  • We provide coaching to our employees
  • You will have a social impact
  • We are technology-agnostic





























































Perks of the Job

Social Impact

Your skills will help people far away from employement easy to grow coding skills and enter the job market. You’ll help make our society better – 25 people at a time.

Failing Forward

To achieve our mission, we need to experiment and find new, more efficient ways to train, to recruit and to solve problems. At BeCode, we embrace failure as a way to learn and to improve.

Strongly dedicated team of awesome people

We come from very diverse backgrounds, we don’t care about your past, your religion nor your believes, as long as you share our values of radical inclusiveness, you are reliable and a great team player driven by the will to help people turn their life around. 


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