DevOps Trainer / Coach

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Job overview

Do you have hands-on work experience in DevOps & Cyber Security? Do you want to help people change their life by mentoring them into becoming junior DevOps? BeCode is hiring a trainer for our DevOps bootcamp!

Responsibilities & duties

Coaching learners into Junior Ops is your challenge! You will help our learners to find their own way in the IT landscape and develop their coding and problem-solving skills. But what does this entail for you? You will:

  • Design a stimulating educational path adapted to your juniors and prepare an introduction to the challenges.
  • Coach each junior individually through one-on-one conversations and assessments.
  • Coach the group to integrate the dynamics of mutual help, collective intelligence and constructive thinking. You will help them help each other through our Pedagogical framework.
  • Help every junior develop their soft skills as strongly as his or her coding skills.
  • Assist each junior in gaining that first professional experience (traineeship or job).
  • Follow up on customer projects, hackathons and group projects.
  • Be involved in the development of internal tools, selection of learners and marketing events.

In the end, you will help juniors turn their lives around by giving them the chance to become IT professionals. What’s more rewarding than that?!

    Are you the team member we’re looking for?

    We are looking for an enthusiastic DevOps coach with the following experience and skills:

    • You have experience with the command line and how to manage a system from a textual user interface.
    • You have some developer background (backend specifically) and are able to audit code for vulnerabilities or overall bad practices.
    • You can use the following technologies: Python, DevOps, Security, Terminal & Bash. And you master at least two scripting languages: Sh, Bash, Python, Nim-Lang, etc. Ideally, Sh or Bash and then another one.
    • You know how to manage deployment (services, websites, etc.), continuous integration and virtualization.
    • You aim at implementing security and good practices in all the projects you work on both at the development and server levels.
    • You have working knowledge of English and ideally Dutch.

      As a member of BeCode you will be expected to contribute to our continuous desire to improve ourselves and embrace BeCode values of social inclusion and fair treatment across gender, races, religions and all the differences that make us all humans.