CyberSec Trainer / Coach (Ghent - Full-Time)

At BeCode, we have 1 mission: enabling tomorrow’s digital talents to blossom. We believe that education makes anything possible. Since 2017, BeCode has been offering inclusive coding bootcamps to jobseekers to start their career in the ICT sector as a web developer, AI data operator, DevSecOps developer or SAP consultant. And we won’t stop there.

Job Overview

Alone we move faster, together we go further.

Our trainers are learning sherpas, who know shortcuts in the mountains our learners (also called juniors) have to cross to acquire the necessary soft and hard skills required by the job market. By using our pedagogic framework of 7 pillars and leading the entire group of juniors onto the other side of the mountain, they help our juniors to start a bright career in the digital world.

What's your job?

Responsibilities and Duties

As a coach, you’ll guide the juniors of your Cyber Security promotion to their new career path, using the active pedagogical framework:
  • Provide well-structured learning and consolidation challenges to create a trajectory of learning situations based on active learning methodologies such as project-based learning, self-tuition, learning by teaching, etc, in order to meet the ultimate objective of learning autonomy.
  • Enforce, facilitate, monitor and support the group in its rituals: workshops, watches, standups, etc. 
  • Create the mutual help dynamics within the group of learners: fostering collaboration and group decision processes
  • Assess the progress of learning (through written code reviews, consolidation challenges and OpenBadges certification… )
  • Identify and address individual learning difficulties, provide individual follow-ups whenever it is needed during the training
  • Stimulate juniors’ participation in tech related events such as hackathons, external projects, meetups and tech talk
  • Follow-up on all administrative tasks and participation to tasks related to the enrolling, training and recruiting of juniors by properly keeping a log about meaningful interactions, taking the daily attendances, participation in selection interviews and events to promote our training…
  • Support learners in their efforts to obtain an internship/job

What do we expect

Are you the new team member we are looking for?

The successful Coach reaches the KPI of 80% positive exits six months after the end of the bootcamp. To achieve that, we are looking for someone who:
  • Can demonstrate working experience. This can be as either a Pentester or security analyst or a similar role in a company or as an example, in IT Education.
  • Has a good understanding of how networks work, how to set them up and maintain them.
  • Is  experienced with programming languages such as Powershell, bash, python, php,
  • Has basic knowledge of cloud services such as: AWS, Azure, …
  • Is familiar with some of the following technologies(or other technologies like): Sysmon, splunk, volatility, Nmap, GoBuster
  • Experience with databases such as SQL & NoSQL is an asset. 
  • Is comfortable working in English and is fluent preferably in Dutch or otherwise in French
  • Is able to move around our campuses when necessary to provide support, info sessions, etc
  • Is comfortable using project management tools (such as Trello), Google Suite and Linkedin.

Every day at BeCode

BeCode’s daily life and development

You will also participate in BeCode’s daily life and development by

  • Participating in enriching the pedagogical reflection of the BeCode pedagogy, through openness, collaboration and co-creation with our community of trainers via various tools. 
  • Support on various projects that are in our projects pipeline, based on your interests and the company’s needs.
  • Providing coaching support on B2B projects which helps funding BeCode’s social mission

Social mission

BeCodians have our social mission at heart

BeCodians have our social mission at heart. In order to achieve their mission, we expect our team member:

  • Be a role model when it comes to professionalism 
  • Demonstrate a genuine passion for helping people improve their skills using our Active Pedagogy
  • Show patience and empathy: you have good listening skills and are able to level with learners and colleagues to understand their perspective, free of judgements.
  • Be a learning enthusiast: you are passionate about technology and learning, you monitor breakthroughs in your field and share them with your colleagues and learners.

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