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Start a DevOps career in 7 months

DevOps – development and operations. As a DevOps developer, you help companies build secure and automated applications pipelines. Learn about system infrastructure, automation and security and become a DevOps in just 7 months. For free!

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When and where?

Brussels (Ops & Sys. Admin)

Registrations deadline: 1 November 2022
Selections: 8 & 9 November 2022
Start training: 15 November 2022
End training: 2 June 2023
Start internship: June 2023

You will learn tech skills …

As a DevOps engineer, you have to be able to craft a project pipeline that goes from development to deployment while ensuring security at every step. That is why we focus on:

  • System administration: command line, fundamental scripting, system configuration, monitoring, etc.
  • Automation: advanced scripting, CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery), IaC (infrastructure as code), etc.
  • Cloud: main providers (AWS, Azure, …), resources management, etc.
  • Virtualization: virtual machines and containers
  • Security: good practices and tooling (scanners, …)

… And soft skills!

A professional needs a deep understanding of a client’s needs and activities and must learn to communicate technical concepts to a customer who isn’t a specialist in the field. Therefore you will also learn how to speak in public, how to collaborate smoothly, how to be agile and how to manage a project from A to Z. Moreover, all BeCode graduates grow these soft skills:

  • Autonomous self-learner
  • Team player
  • Reliable
  • Solution Mindset

Ain’t that cool? 🙂

As a DevOps, these career paths await you!

System Administrator

Become a System Administrator

A System Administrator is in charge of configuring, monitoring and maintaining computer systems. In reality, that often translates into taking care of servers, sometimes at an infrastructural scale, as well as offering support to non IT colleagues.

Or a DevOps Engineer

You ensure that an application transistions smoothly from a company (development) to its end users (deployment) in as brief a delay as possible (through automation), while implementing security checks at every step to verify safety. 

CloudOps engineer

Or a CloudOps engineer

A CloudOps engineer is also in charge of configuring, monitoring and maintaining computer systems. However, you focus on setting up all these systems via a remote infrastructure through providers, such as AWS or Azure and their services.

How to apply?

1. Subscribe to the course 

And fill in our form, so we get to know you a bit more. No tricks here, just be as you are! After you filled in the form, we will send you the instructions for the next steps.

2. Come meet us

Once you have completed the registration process, we’ll invite you to meet us at our selection days. You will receive the invite the day after the registration deadline.

In order to follow this course, you …

  • Are tech savvy 🙂
  • Have a problem-solving mindset
  • And a strong motivation
  • You are a self-learner
  • And have and intermediate English level (B2, writing and reading)


No specific diploma or degree needed!

They did it already

“BeCode helped me boost my soft and tech skills. Before the training, it was very difficult for me to speak in public and convey a message. The technological watches helped me feel more confident. I also discovered countless technologies that now fascinate me and in which I’m happy to work.”

Nassim, Brussels 2019

“BeCode is more than just a coding school. It’s also a place where you make amazing encounters and create a network. Soft skills are also an important aspect. I wasn’t used to working in a team. BeCode definitely helped me learn to collaborate with colleagues.”

Massimo, Brussels 2019

“My coaches guided me throughout the training and helped me overcome all the obstacles that I’ve had to face on the way. Their continuous support was very helpful. I’m forever grateful!”

Janina, Brussels 2020

“Where there is a bug, there is a way”

The DevOps Bootcamp is a 100% free training that aims to bridge the gap between motivated and solution-oriented individuals with companies in need of capable and reliable team players able to help implement automation, security and good practices directly into a project lifecycle.

System administration and security skills are equally important to create the fundamental technical knowledge required to solve all manners of problems on a system.

This program is built around the hacker mentality, which aims at always improving capabilities, finding breaches or bugs and solving problems. Our motto:  “Where there’s a bug, there’s a way”.

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