Start a cybersecurity career in 7 months

Help companies develop, deploy and maintain secure applications and services.  Become a System Administrator, Secure Developer, Security Speciality, DevOps or DevSecOps.


  • Junior development skills (web, git, algorithmics )
  • Fundamental computer know-how (interested in tech, tech savvy)
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Problem-solver mindset
  • Strong motivation
  • Self-learner
  • Intermediate level of English (B2) : writing & reading
  • No specific diploma or university degree

How to apply?

1. Register on CodeWars

Give code a try and see if this is for you! Register on the CodeWars Platform. We will ask you to do some exercises there in the next registration step. This will give you a first taste of what our training will be like.

2. Fill in the form and take the challenge

Fill our fun form that will enable us to know you a bit more. There’s no trick here. Just be as you are! We will send you the instructions for the online challenge.

3. Come meet us

Once you have completed the registration process, we’ll invite you to come and meet us at our selection days. Don’t worry, we’ll make it fun and not as stressful as it sounds. 

Career paths

Secure Developer

The Secure Developers are aware of the importance of a well-written, well- maintained and secure code. Their role is to make sure that production code is robust and bug-free.

System Administrator

The system administrators are in charge of configuring, monitoring and managing computer systems. That often translates into taking care of servers, sometimes on an infrastructural scale.

Security Specialist

Computer security know-how, as well as a general understanding of computer systems

DevOps Specialist

DevOps Specialists are involved in the entire lifecycle of the services they work on. They usually automate processes to make development and system administration smoother with things like pipelines.

DevSecOps Specialist

The person in charge of the entire development process, from actual coding, passing by automation of testing and building, to security concerns, that encompasses multiple roles such as developer, system administrator and security specialist.

Tech Skills

You will learn to take in charge the entire development process, from actual coding, passing by automation of testing and building, to security concerns.  You will learn to build a complete pipeline for projects.

The target skills touch these topics:  Terminal, Shell Scripting, Server Fundamentals, Secure Programing, Server Infrastructure, Python, Continuous Integration, Virtualization, Cloud Management, Web API Management.

Soft skills

A professional needs a deep understanding of a client’s needs and activities and must learn to communicate technical concepts to a customer who isn’t a specialist in the field. Therefore, You will learn to speak in public, to collaborate smoothly, to be agile and to manage a project from A to Z.

Moreover, all BeCode graduates grow these soft skills:

  • Autonomous self-learner
  • Team player
  • Reliable
  • Solution Mindset

“Where there is a bug, there is a way”

The DevSecOps Bootcamp is a 100% free training to bridge the gap between motivated, solution-oriented individuals and companies in need of capable, reliable, driven team players eager to grow and help the organization address the challenges of cybersecurity.

Development, system administration and security skills are equally important to create the fundamental technical knowledge required to solve all manners of problems on a system.

This program is built around the hacker mentality, which aims at always improving capabilities, finding breaches or bugs and solving problems. Our motto :  “Where there’s a bug, there’s a way”.

A thousand different stories

Don’t listen to us, listen to people who have followed our training!

“BeCode helped me boost my soft- and techskills. Before the training, it was very difficult for me to speak in public and convey a message. The technological watches helped me feel more confident. I also discovered countless technologies that now fascinate me and in which I’m happy to work.”

Nassim, Brussels 2019

“BeCode is more than just a coding school. It’s also a place where you make amazing encounters and create a network. Soft skills are also an important aspect. I wasn’t used to working as team. BeCode definitely helped me learn to collaborate with colleagues.”

Massimo, Brussels 2019

“My coaches guided me throughout the training and helped me overcome all the obstacles that I’ve had to face on the way. Their continuous support was very helpful. I’m forever grateful!”

Janina, Brussels 2020

When and where ?


Registration deadline: TBA
Selection days: TBA
Training start: TBA
Training end: TBA
Internship start: TBA


Registration deadline: 20th dec. 2020
Selection days: 5th, 6th january 2021
Training start: 12th january 2021
Training end: july 2021
Internship start: august 2021

Contact us

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Abel Magolu

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Edith Lagrou

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