You want to get started, but you don't know how?

Are you curious about the digital world? You’re looking for a job but you don’t know where to start? Join us for 6 weeks, discover the careers that IT can offer and find your path, in a peaceful and safe atmosphere, just between us. Are you joining the sprint?


  • To be over 18 years old (and under 30 if you are interested in Antwerp training). 
  • To be registered as an unoccupied job seeker with VDAB, Actiris or Le Forem.
  • To have a basic knowledge of computers (know how to switch on/off the device, how to type, how to send emails).
  • To have an affinity with the digital field and the desire and motivation to kick-start a career in this domain.
  • A diploma isn’t required.

How to apply?

1. Fill in the form 

Fill in our form. That will enable us to know you a bit more. No tricks here, just be as you are! If you need help in filling the form, come to our campus(except Friday)  and we will help you.

2. Practice on Pix (optional)

You don’t feel entirely ready to start the adventure? Then go to Pix to do some fun exercises. This step is not mandatory.

3. Come and meet us 

Join us at our events and selection (more like getting-to-know-each-other) days. It will be fun and not stressful at all. The goal will be for us to understand your expectations and how you’ll benefit from our training.

Target audience

The Digital Sprint is created for all those who want to make a career switch, who are looking to better understand what new technologies can offer them and who do not know where to start. By participating in this learning path, you will see that a job in new technologies is not an inaccessible dream : it’s absolutely possible!

The world of new technologies offers a lot of career opportunities in a multitude of fields. Even without prior work experience or a diploma, it is possible to learn quickly and get a job!

In Flanders only, the training is dedicated to participants between 18 and 30 years of age.

Training program

1. The field

week 1 & 2

You can’t possibly decide which digital career path you want to pursue without delving into the wonderful world of IT first! In this module, we will introduce you to today’s essential online tools and teach you how to use them safely!


  • Understanding data and information.
  • Using digital tools to interact, communicate and collaborate with others.
  • Creating online content while staying in line with copyrights.
  • Protecting your computer and files.

2. Digital career exploration

week 3, 4 & 5

Once you have a better understanding of today’s digital landscape, it’s time to discover the different paths you can take in IT. In this module we, therefore, help you discover a wide range of jobs by exploring all main aspects of the digital world through the lifecycle of digital products.


  • Identifying the target audience.
  • Managing a project.
  • Identifying technical needs.
  • Branding and designing.
  • Creating a digital marketing plan.
  • Mock ups (low and high fidelity) and user testing.
  • Google Sites and Google MyBusiness.
  • Coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

3. Preparing the next steps

week 6

After having discovered the paths that you can take, it’s time to decide what direction you want to go in. And we are more than happy to guide you to identify the path that best fits your needs via personalized career coaching!


  •  Personalized coaching to decide the next steps.


This training aims at helping you build a professional project based on your existing knowledge and the ones you will acquire at BeCode.

  • Know-how of the different career paths in IT (web development, IT support, UX Design, project management, digital marketing, etc.) and being able to choose a training path that best suits your needs.
  • Being comfortable with your computer and using it effectively.
  • Using collaborative tools that are important in today’s market and handy to help you progress in your career / job search (Google Drive, Trello, CMS, etc.).
  • Training your social skills: Public Speaking, working in a team, feeling comfortable in your work, daring to ask others for help, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Reading and correcting code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Creating your own digital identity (LinkedIn, Medium, etc.).
  • Understanding the basics of technical English.

When and where ?


Registration deadline: 31 December 2021
Selections: 1st December, 3rd January
Start training: 10th January 2022
End training: 18th February 2022


Registration deadline: 3rd February 2022
Selections 8th, 9th February 2022
Start training: 15th February 2022
End training 26th March 2022


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