Become a junior web developer in 7 months

Learn how to build websites and web applications. The training is 100% free and focuses on helping you become a Junior frontend or backend developer with great professional soft skills: reliable, eager to learn, team player with a solution mindset.

How to apply?

1. Fill in the registration form & register on SoloLearn

Fill in this fun registration form that will enable us to get to know you a bit better. There’s no trick here. Just be as you are! You will need a SoloLearn account to complete your registration. To do so, you’ll have to complete the following badges: HTMLCSSJavaScript and PHP. These will give you a first taste of what our training will be like.

2. Come and meet us during the selections

Once you have filled in the registration form and have finished your badges on SoloLearn, we’ll invite you to come and meet us at our selection days. Don’t worry, we’ll make it fun and not as stressful as it sounds. 

Inclusive coding bootcamp

The BeCode Web Development training is 100% free and open to anyone motivated and ready to change their life.

It’s perfectly okay if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, we start from scratch!

All you need is logical thinking, a curious mind, a strong dose of motivation, eagerness to learn and an understanding of the language that is spoken in the region where you want to follow the training. Diplomas, money, age, experience, hair color, religion… We don’t care about that, do you?

Training outcomes

1. Selection


Your motivation and life experience are more valuable to us than your degrees, as long as you are fit to work. We want 100% motivated candidates with a great self-learning aptitude. On average, we select one person out of four. 


What BeCode can do for your professional project: a human supportive structure, a ladder on which you can grow in autonomy. 

2. The field


The first month focuses on setting up a good basis: you work on your tools,  your attitude and soft skills, our methodologies, the group dynamics and learning how to learn.


  • Terminal, Git, MarkDown, HTML, CSS, SASS CSS frameworks. 
  • Frontend problem solving.
  • Soft skills: Reliable, team player, learning enthousiast, solution mindset.

3. The hill


The learning curve usually gets harder now as we tackle our first programming language, JavaScript, through fun exercices and projects.

At this stage, you will know what frontend development really means.


  • JavaScript.
  • Frontend problem solving.
  • Soft skills.

4. The Mountain


Welcome to backend development.

If a website was a restaurant, backend would designate the kitchen. This is where data is processed, stored and transformed so that the application or website delivers the intended service.


  • OOP, MVC, JavaScript libraries and frameworks (React).
  • Depending on the trainers: Serverside JavaScript (nodejes), PHP, C#, …
  • Soft skills.

5. The Summer Pasture


You’ve tasted many technologies, even to do a full frontend-backend roundtrip. You are ready to pick the ones you like most and dive deeper into them and this with increased autonomy. 

Now is also the time to prepare for your offboarding and to find an internship.


  • Learning by teaching.
  • How to market yourself. 
  • Specialize in the IT field of your choice.

6. The Valley


If it all goes well, the training ends with an internship of one up to three months, in a company of your choosing or at a partner company.


  • Adjusting and contributing to the real world.

Tech Skills

You will discover all aspects of website and mobile app development. The training focuses both on “frontend” and “backend”. Frontend consists of the visual elements that appear on your screen. Backend is the internal structure of a website or app. 

Soft skills

Today, businesses are looking to hire resourceful team players who are able to learn, keep up with technology and solve problems in a creative and clever way. That is why first and foremost at BeCode, you will learn how to learn, how to work as a team, how to manage a project from A to Z and how to see the opportunities in every problem.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

We want you to become autonomous as fast as possible. That does not mean we want you to progress alone: to the contrary! 

The digital world as we know it is mostly built thanks to the opensource community. It is a space that exists because people decided to work together and help each other. Collaboration over competition is the new normal.

Likewise, at BeCode, you will be part of a diverse group of people, and together will learn to  become a team of professionals, fueled with the kindness and failing forward mentality required to take risks and learn – fast.

A thousand different stories

Don’t listen to us, listen to people who have followed our training!

“BeCode guided me to find my way in web development, to open up to working in a group and most importantly, be good at googling. I knew absolutely nothing before I started the BeCode, and now am part of an IT team in a software company.”

Marianna, Antwerp 2019

Precisely one year ago, the AI Data Science training started, offering me a breath of fresh air and new career opportunities. One year later, I would like to thank you for this terrific experience. I only keep positive memories of my time at BeCode : a new skillset, amazing new encounters and above all a reinforced self-esteem.

Claire, Brussels 2019

“My coaches guided me throughout the training and helped me overcome all the obstacles that I’ve had to face on the way. I’m forever grateful!”

Janina, Brussels 2019


When and where ?


Registration deadline: 23 March 2022
Selections: 30, 31 March 2022
Start training: 19 April 2022
End training: November 2022
Start internship: November 2022


Deadline registrations : December 1
Selections: December 7, 8
Start of the training: January 4
End of the training: August 2021
Start of the internship: August 2021

Brussels (- 25 years old)

Deadline registratie: TBA (2022)
Selecties: TBA
Start opleiding: TBA
Einde opleiding: TBA
Start stage: TBA


Registration deadline: 20 January 2022
Selections: 25-26 January 2022
Start training: 1st February 2022
End training: August 2022
Start internship: August 2022


Deadline registratie: 17 November 2021
Selecties: 29, 30 November 2021
Start opleiding: 14 december 2021
Einde opleiding: July 2022
Start stage: July 2022


Deadline registrations : 20/01/2022
Selections: 25-26/01/2022
Start of the training: 01/02/2022
End of the training: August 2022
Start of the internship: September 2022

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Abel Magolu

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