What made you want to apply to join this IT support course ?
“I have several friends who have experience in the IT world, so, when I heard about this course, I discussed it with them. One of my friends told me that if he had to hire a junior developer, he would go for someone with the IT Support certificate because it is essential knowledge in the IT world. So this course would simply be an asset to find a job for a person without an IT background, and that’s how I was convinced to join this course. It will increase my chances on the job market.”

Learning in a remote environment can be challenging. How did you fend off distractions while following your course?
“Firstly, the coronavirus helped to avoid distractions. I focused on time management. I’m someone who needs to have everything planned and I’m very goal-directed. That’s my way of working. To be honest, I didn’t have many distractions. I set myself a goal each day, for example : ‘Today, I’ll do these two levels or exercises’, and I just do it. Now, I’m following another training at the same time, and sometimes, we get assignments and it can be a distraction from my IT support course. But in general I try to dedicate two hours each day for this online course. If I need to reschedule, I usually do it in the evening or at weekends.”
“The course can sometimes be complex, with a lot of information to process. If you’re tired and can’t focus, it’s good to have 15-minute breaks from time to time. And it’s sometimes better to just stop for the day if you can’t anymore.”

What has surprised you the most in your experience as part of the IT support course?
“Several things surprised me. First, even though I know that support can be very broad, I wasn’t expecting to have parts of the course focusing on security. In my mind, it was more connected with coding.”
“Another nice surprise : the Qwiklabs, which are hands-on labs in an online learning environment. It gives you the chance to put into practice the theoretical knowledge that you acquire. It was very practical and I enjoyed it because it makes the theory clearer.”

At the end of her online training, Michaela will receive her IT Support certificate. Are you curious about the programme? You, too, want to boost your profile on the job market by acquiring more knowledge and a recognized certification ?

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