How we adapt to COVID-19

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We are fully operating and happy to help you enter the world of IT. In order to be able to fulfill our mission, we adapted our training to a fully remote learning model, and whenever possible, to a blended model of learning.

Please note that, while there are national and general guidelines, we also follow the guidelines of the city / province and the building where we reside.

When the official instructions require a full lockdown, we switch to a fully remote learning model, in which learning and coaching are done via homeworking, using Discord for group interactions among other tools like GitHub, Trello, Mural…

When onsite learning is allowed, we use a blended learning model. This means that you will spend part of the week learning from home, extensively using online collaboration tools used in many companies and startups : GitHub, Trello, Discord, Mural… while the other part of the week will be spent on campus, where we enforce the official recommendations:

  • All students and staff members wash and sanitize their hands regularly while on campus.
  • Everyone coming to campus is wearing a mask, masks are provided if needed.
  • Desks are placed so as to comply with social distancing (1,5 m distance). If the room is too small, the group is spread over two classrooms.
  • Each junior disinfects  its desk before and after use.
  • non-personal laptops are being cleaned after use.

Using this flexible approach we can adapt to the circumstances while safely preparing our learners on their journey to join the digital workforce. Let’s stay safe together !

social distancing in action
BeCode – Covid measures

Last updated: 28 July 2020

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