Recruiter Wallonia

location :Wallonia

Job Overview

At BeCode we are looking for an enthusiastic recruiter with a social mission! You will be responsible for the recruitment & selection of potential BeCode candidates to follow our IT trainings.

BeCode’s candidates are people distant from the job market. You will design campaigns focused on the different target groups fitting BeCode’s social missions: NEET-youngsters, low educated, long-term unemployed, etc. You will make them aware of the potential a career in ICT could bring them. 

Responsibilities and Duties

In order to recruit & select candidates for BeCode in Wallonia, you will be responsible for:

  • Development of partnerships with relevant organisations, to reach and build trust with the desired target groups, like:
    • Social housing projects
    • Job coaching organisations
    • Youngsters organisations
    • Migrant communities
    • Sports centers
    • Etc.
  • Set up marketing campaigns focused on specific target groups in order to maximize reach & conversion. This includes identifying appropriate channels and engagement methods within the available budget. These can include (non limitative):
    • Social media campaigns
    • Online advertising (google adwords, youtube subtitles, gaming platforms, etc)
    • Engaging “in the street” campaigns
    • Participation in events & fairs
    • Etc.
  • Campaign execution in order to fill a solid pipeline of qualitative candidates for upcoming trainings.
  • Continuously research to relevant messages and identification of relevant engagement channels for each target group according to BeCode’s social missions.
  • Organise events in order to maximize reach & conversion within the available budget. This can include (non limitative):
    • Organising info sessions & open doors.
    • Organising code initiations
    • Etc.
  • Follow-up of the candidates pipeline through the different phases of registration. This includes registration through form, exercises on an online learning platform, selection interviews and feedback. The main focus is to maximize conversion of high-potential candidates.
  • Organisation of selection interviews of the candidates. You will also participate in the selection interviews to assure the candidates match with the BeCode vision and BeCode pedagogic approach. You are also responsible to communicate the feedback to the candidates.
  • Hand-over of selected candidates to the relevant coaching team.
  • Reporting on the recruitment process.

You will be part of the recruitment team and will be reporting to the Head of Region.

As a member of BeCode you are expected to 

  • Be an excellent team player and support the others whenever you can.
  • Nurture the solution mindset: each problem represents an opportunity.
  • Contribute to our continuous desire to improve ourselves.
  • Embrace BeCode values of social inclusion and fair treatment across gender, background religions and all the differences that make us all humans. 


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good knowledge of marketing campaigns, social media,…
  • A creative mind, able to think out of the box.
  • Able to develop business opportunities and create new partnerships.
  • A heart for the social interest.
  • Target-oriented.
  • Thorough knowledge of French and English.

Perks of the Job

Social Impact

Your skills will help people far away from employement easy to grow coding skills and enter the job market. You’ll help make our society better – 25 people at a time.

Failing Forward

To achieve our mission, we need to experiment and find new, more efficient ways to train, to recruit and to solve problems. At BeCode, we embrace failure as a way to learn and to improve.

Strongly dedicated team of awesome people

We come from very diverse backgrounds, we don’t care about your past, your religion nor your believes, as long as you share our values of radical inclusiveness, you are reliable and a great team player driven by the will to help people turn their life around. 


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