COVID-19 update: BeCode’s activities fully online

by Nov 2, 2020News

The second wave of COVID-19 reminds us that adaptability and solidarity are more important than ever. To help slow down the spread of the virus, BeCode has decided to organize all its activities remotely for the time being. Not only our trainings, but also events such as info sessions and the selections will continue digitally. 

We’re really looking forward to welcoming our juniors and the next generation(s) of BeCoders back to our campus as soon as the situation allows it, but in the meantime we are virtually making the most out of it! 

A big shout out to our amazing team that has shown us, once again, how committed they are to contributing to BeCode’s mission! We’re also thankful for the partners, platforms and tools that allow us to keep the learning experience going, so we can safeguard the development of new (digital) skills and at least some of the social contacts that we all so badly need. 

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