During his studies in mechanical engineering, it started to itch to set up his own company. But once Albermar moved to Belgium, it was difficult for him to enter the job market, despite his diploma and work experience. According to him, the gap between his background in mechanical engineering and the online tools used in the field nowadays was at the root of this. Hoping to launch himself in a new career, he signed up for our AI bootcamp in Antwerp. And whether this was a successful decision!

Discover his (BeCode) journey in the following interview!

Can you tell us a bit about what you were doing before joining BeCode?
“I have a background in mechanical engineering. I graduated recently, one year ago. In the last 2 years before joining BeCode, I was starting a company specialized in 3D printing applications and recycling activities. During that, I was highly connected to the startup world, technology, and also my background in engineering was helpful for that. Then I came to Belgium, starting a new life. I spent a few months looking for job opportunities here. It was quite hard. I also found out that I had a gap. I was very good at hardware work, building things. But today, it has to be connected to what’s digital. So I started learning a little bit of coding by myself. I made some progress, but it was too slow, compared to what I’m learning in this Bootcamp. So I learned the basics and now I’m learning faster.” 

Why did you choose to learn at BeCode in particular?
“Firstly, I studied a little bit online. But learning by yourself, at home, with no assistance is hard. It takes longer to learn. I also searched for similar programs in Belgium or in other countries. But they were very expensive. Learning to program artificial intelligence in San Francisco, in the USA, can cost around $20.000. BeCode’s training is more interesting. Of course, I was also based in Belgium. Also, I found out that you have very good partners. When I searched online, I didn’t know about BeCode and I saw that you have very interesting partners. I thought it was a good opportunity for me to start my professional career from zero.”

What’s your favorite thing about BeCode?
“That I’m learning very fast! That’s my favorite thing. I’ve learned advanced applications and technologies very fast.”

Do you have any idea what you’d like to do after the training?
“Now, it’s a moment for me to learn, to keep learning, even after the training. What we’re starting to learn is something that you have to keep learning, so I’d like to take a couple of years to extend my technological knowledge in this field. But my dream job would be to create a startup, using the technologies and applications that I’m learning at BeCode together with my background in mechanical engineering.”

Do you have any idea which trainings or studies you’d like to do after this training at BeCode ?
“Yes, I’d like to learn how to connect this AI training with manufacturing. I’m really focusing on learning about that because I think it’s the next bridge that’s gonna be built in the field.”

Would you like to add something?
“I think my generation is very lucky. We are in front of a massive technological change. We have to learn fast. As I said, this is one of the best opportunities you can get. Right now is the moment to learn this technology. It’ll be too late in a few years. This is the best learning opportunity that you can get… It’s totally free and you get a high-quality education, you have peers to share it with, and the country is also starting to invest. So it’s definitely a good moment to get involved in AI technologies.”

Are you interested in following the AI Bootcamp?

Amazing! – We have a new class starting in Brussels on the 13th of April.