From call center operator to web developer. Aline decided it was time for her to switch careers and get started in a field in which she’d be able to blossom. And that’s exactly what she started doing when she decided to join our web development training in Liège. Curious about her big jump? Discover her interview below.

What were you doing before joining Becode?
“I was a call center operator.”

Why did you decide to join our training?
“I wanted to give my career a new direction. I was always interested in IT, but when I was younger, I was told that IT was not for women, that it was a sector for men. So I gave up on my project, but today I decided to take my life in my hands and become a web developer.”

What made you want to start a career as a web developer?
“I lost my job because of the health crisis. I wanted a more stable situation and a job I would enjoy doing. I followed a short training about the digital jobs and with the coaches, we found out that web development could be something for me. And it’s indeed the case!”

Why BeCode?
“Because the pedagogy used at BeCode works way better for me than the one used in other schools. At BeCode, being autonomous  is encouraged and we are considered as adults rather than pupils.”

How did your training start?
“It went fine! I was lucky to be able to start this training in a face-to-face setting. That’s been intense, with a lot of information to process up to now.”

Could you describe the atmosphere of your class?
“The atmosphere has been excellent! There is a lot of solidarity in the group. We like to help each other : when someone is more advanced in a certain skill, they help the ones who are struggling. We are like a family.”

What have you appreciated the most about BeCode so far?
“The pedagogy, because it really puts us in the best position to find a job.”

Could you tell us a bit about the technical skills that you’ve learned at BeCode?
“I was able to hone my HTML and CSS skills. I also learned JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, and at the moment, I’m learning NodeJS and React.”

What about soft skills?
“Helping each other, group work and solidarity : all those are very important at BeCode.”

7 months of training, that’s very intensive. What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome?
“The start of a project, when we need to learn a brand new skill, is always a challenge. At first, we don’t know what direction we should take in our research. You need to give it all at that moment, to stay motivated and avoid the impostor’s syndrome. That syndrome happens when you underestimate your abilities and knowledge as a developer. Many learners suffer from that.”

How did you manage to stay motivated throughout your training?
“It’s very simple : I am motivated to change my life and work in a field that I like. It’s what drives me everyday. I love what we learn, so I don’t need to look too far for motivation to follow this training : it’s here!”

The IT field is still dominated by men today. How do you feel as a woman working in this field?
“Personally, I am proud as a woman to enter this male-dominated field. I hope I can inspire other women to give web development a try as well. It would be nice to reach a gender equality in the field. As a developer, a woman is as capable as a man. I don’t feel uncomfortable in IT at all as a woman.”

How come are there more men in the field than women?
“For a long while, jobs have come with stereotypes. For example, a woman who wanted to work in an office could only become a secretary. Women weren’t encouraged to start an IT career.”

How could we break this stereotype?
“I think your ‘Hackeuses Club’ initiative is very good. Oftentimes, women aren’t aware of their abilities. It’s important to raise awareness about the world of coding. It would maybe be interesting to do some campaigns in schools in order to help students choose their career path as well.”

After your training, you’ll be doing an internship in a company. What type of internship are you looking for?
“I’d like to do an internship in a small company rather than a big one. I’d like to keep on honing my web development skills and learn web design skills as well. I’ve already had a couple of job interviews, we’ll see how it goes.”

Why are you interested in web design?
“Because I’m a very creative person. I was looking for a job that would enable me to put my creativity to good use. Web development helped me start in that direction and web design will enable me to go even further.”

What’s the next step for you after BeCode?
“My next step is to get a job as a web developer in a company in which I’ll get to keep learning as being a web developer means continuing to learn new things. And I’d like to put a bit of myself on the web.”

In what way did BeCode change your life?
“BeCode gave me a future. I used to have a job that I didn’t enjoy. Thanks to BeCode, I will find a job that won’t give me a knot in my stomach anymore in the morning. I’ll wake up and say ‘Yay! I’m going to work!’”

Just like Aline, you can Become a web developer within less than a year! Our next web dev training in Liège will start in september. Join BeCode and change your life!