Bastien, Web Dev Junior in Liège: “In my education path, I’ve known a lot of failures, so it feels really good to realize that you can actually achieve something.”

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After experimenting with several studies, Bastien realized that the traditional learning methodology didn’t work for him. As he wanted to reorient himself in a forward-looking field, he found out about BeCode and its active pedagogy. Today, he’s approaching the end of his web development training.

Would you like to discover Bastien’s story? Then read his interview below.

What were you doing before joining the BeCode training?
“I’ve had a bit of a complicated journey. After graduating from high school, I tried to study business informatics, but it didn’t suit me. Then, I started a Bachelor’s degree to become a specialized educator, but that didn’t work out either.”

“I really needed to reorient myself, and I’ve always been passionate about computers, plus, traditional education never worked for me. So BeCode was exactly what I needed.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the reasons why you decided to register?
“First of all, I’m much more into web development than business computing because there’s a very creative aspect to it.”

“The methodology and the fact that the program was short really convinced me: given my age, I couldn’t start studies that would take me years to complete.”

How is your training going so far ?
“It’s going very well. I’ve learned a lot in a few months, I love what I do every day and the group atmosphere is exceptional.”

How far along are you in your training?
‘We’re about to get started with the final project, so we’re approaching the end of the training and the start of the internship.’

Was there a project that you particularly enjoyed working on during your BeCode training?
“As part of a project, we created a forum from A to Z with PHP. It was very difficult at the beginning because we hadn’t yet learned that programming language, but it soon turned out to be a very nice experience. We had to do a design in Pixel Perfect, which allowed us to train our front end skills as well.”

‘When we were working on that project, I truly realized that we were getting into serious business.’

“I’ve learned a lot in a few months, I love what I do every day and the group atmosphere is exceptional.”

During the last part of your training, you can focus on a programming language of your choice. Have you made a decision yet?
“Yes, I think so. I’m going to go for front end and I think I’m going to focus on React, JavaScript and WordPress.”

What would be your dream job or your project after this training?
“I already have a project in mind: opening a small company with a friend who is also following a training at BeCode. I already have an idea for our app, but it’s not very concrete yet because we’re already working on a lot of projects at BeCode.”

“But first of all, when I finish BeCode, I would like to work for at least a year in a small company to acquire more hands-on experience.”

What changed in your life since you’ve joined BeCode?
“Many things. First of all, self-confidence. It’s very rewarding to realize that you manage to create things when you’re in a very positive group dynamic where you can count on each other for help”.

“In my education path, I’ve known a lot of failures, so it feels really good to realize that you can achieve something.”

“It’s also a revival in terms of the people I’ve met, whether it’s the coaches or my fellow students.”

One IT employee in four is a woman. In your opinion, why is this number so low?
“It’s hard to answer that question. I think that there’s been a cliché about this field being for men. The same cliché as for mechanics, for example. But anyone can do this job. In fact, in my class, there are as many men as women. It’s going very well for both girls and boys.”

In your opinion, what could be done to motivate more women to pursue an IT career?
“I think having more female coaches would be a good thing because it shows that it’s possible to be a woman and work in this business.”

Are you interested in following our web dev training?

Amazing! – We have new classes starting in Ghent, Charleroi and Liège.

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