Two years after his arrival in Belgium, the corona crisis urged Dwayne to turn his life around. He decided to pursue a new career path and enrolled in our web development training in Antwerp. And whether this was a good decision. The end of the training is approaching and Dwayne is more than ready for his next adventure: the internship. Interested in Dwayne’s BeCode journey? Then make sure to read the interview below! 

What were you doing before joining BeCode? 
“Back home, I studied visual advertising, which consisted of painting, screen printing, designing t-shirts, etc. Once I finished this training, I dove into photography. Later on, I also trained myself in fixing hardware such as desktops and laptops.”

Where did you live before coming to Belgium and why did you want to move here? 
“I used to live in Ghana. I moved because part of my family migrated to Belgium and as I knew that living in this country would offer me more opportunities.”

How did you get to know BeCode? 
“I got to know BeCode via Baanbrekers. When I was first introduced to BeCode, it didn’t seem like the right time to start a training program as my Dutch wasn’t good enough to do so. But when the corona crisis broke out, it seemed like the perfect time to dive into this field. I got back in touch with Baanbrekers to discuss whether or not I could still enroll. I did register for the training and the selection process went smooth. I got selected, started the training and I’m almost through.”

What convinced you to enroll in web development? 
“Many reasons. Because of Covid, the world is changing and IT is becoming more important than ever. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of this field, sooner or later, you’ll have a hard time coping with it. So I wanted to act proactively. Next to that, it would easier for me to reach potential customers as a photographer if I would have a professional website. I also really wanted to help other traders develop their own website.”

How did you experience your BeCode training so far? 
“It has been a great experience. I got to know a lot of front-end and back-frameworks and languages and learned how to work with databases. Even though I’ve learned a lot, I know that there is still a lot left to learn.”

Which technologies did you learn?
“When focusing on front-end technologies, I came across HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the JavaScript family tree, which consists of React, Angular, and Vue.js. I also learned how to use back-end technologies such as PHP, Symphony, and SQL.”

Have you acquired or sharpened soft skills during the training?
“There were some soft skills that I didn’t have at the start of the training, but that I was able to develop, such as self-tutoring. Right now, I know how to learn new things by myself and I can independently look for solutions to the problems that I’m encountering. Apart from self-tutoring, I’ve also learned how to properly research on the internet, I’ve more self-discipline and I’ve picked up on how to communicate with others when working on a project.”

If you had to describe web development to someone that doesn’t know the field. How would you describe it?
“Web development is much more than creating websites. It’s also about anticipating the changing world and trying to develop yourself by continious-

ly sharpening your knowledge as there are new technologies and languages coming out every day. The better you understand them, the more you can use them to create whatever you want to create.” 

During this training, you’ve also worked on several projects. What was your favorite?
“I liked front-end development most. During this path, there was a design challenge, and this project I liked best.”

What did you have to design for this project?
“We had to design a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We were free to create whatever we wanted.”

What did you like most about your training?
“Being in class with my colleagues. It was always good to see them around and to make jokes. I could also always approach them whenever I had a problem.”

The end of the training is approaching. During the past two months, you could focus on the technologies of your choice. On which technologies did you focus?
“I studied React and UX/UI. When coming across UX/UI, I soon discovered that I really enjoyed working in these fields. So far, so good.”

As the training is coming to an end, the internship is also coming closer. Have you already found an internship place?
“Not yet. I’ve been reaching out to companies that might be interested in hiring a front-end or design intern. By doing an internship in one of these fields, I hope to be exposed to the developer community. So far, I haven’t found an internship place yet, but I hope to find one soon.”

Do you have a preference for a particular type of business?
“I don’t have a preference, but I would love to work in an environment that openly welcomes new people, that teaches them new things, that helps them grow in their job and that helps them become the best possible version of themselves.” 

What are your plans for after the internship?
“After the internship, I hope to get hired at the company that gave me the opportunity of being an intern there. If this is not the case, I’ll dive further into web development and learn more programming languages as it will offer me more opportunities on the job market afterward.”

What would your dream job be?
“I want to be a front-end developer that also has knowledge of UX/UI design.”

What would your advice be for someone who is considering enrolling in our web development training?
“It’s never too late to start a career in web development. All you need to do is sign up at BeCode. You’ll not regret it, I’ve had an amazing experience.”

Is there anything you would like to add?
“My coach, Sicco, thank you so much for your constant encouragement. To my colleagues, big cuddles.”

Are you interested in following our web development training?

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