After having worked as a communications manager for ten years, Florence did not get much satisfaction out of her job anymore. Her passion for IT persuaded her to turn her life upside down and to start our web development training in Charleroi.

Discover her story!

What did you do before you started your training at BeCode?
“I worked for 10 years as a communication officer in a cultural center. I ended my contract last week to start this training.”

Why exactly did you want to follow this training?
“I couldn’t get much satisfaction from my work anymore, so I wanted to change my life. Above all, I have always been interested in IT, even in my previous job. But also at home and with friends, I shared my interest in coding.”

Why did you choose BeCode and not another training center?
“The main reason is that because of my family situation I can’t go back to school for a long-term course. But the way of teaching also appealed to me. I am 35 years old and I didn’t see myself sitting among young students. I also hoped to meet people with a different path in life, that’s it.”

And what is your first impression of the training?
“It’s a bit early to say anything about the training, but if I’m still here in one month … (laughs). My first impression is very positive. I like the way of learning and I like the group. The rhythm is intense, so you really have to go all in.” 

What do you want to achieve after your training? What is your dream job?
“For now I want to learn. Later on I want to work in a team again, but I hope to keep on learning as well. In the long run I would like to teach children how to code. Learning to code is part of the “Pacte d’excellence” that the Belgian French speaking Community has recently introduced, so I hope this will extend to a school environment.

”I hope these activities do not remain outside of school. It would be nice if this could be organized during class hours.”

Is there anything you would like to add?
“Women should not be afraid to take the plunge!” 

Why do you think there are so few women in IT?
“This has to do with today’s image of the place of men and women in society. This is the consequence of, for example, advertising, but also of everything we were confronted with when we were children. It is, as it’s always been, a gender problem in the wider society.”

How do you think we can tackle this problem?
“First of all by integrating coding into schools. So it can become clear to girls that they are not necessarily dumber than boys, but that they are just as capable of learning how to code. Maybe you could integrate pink in your logo, I don’t know? I’m just joking (laughs).

“I thought BeCode was very open to female students and that contributed to the fact that I wanted to start a training here. Even before I signed up I realized when scrolling through the website, that BeCode welcomes everyone with open arms and he or she has to decide whether or not to sign up.”

Thank you very much.

“BeCode was very open to female students and that contributed to the fact that I wanted to start a
training here”

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