With a Master’s degree in bio engineering in his pocket, Wim started working as a sales agent. But after several years, the call to pursue a career in AI sounded louder and louder. Wim decided to turn his life upside down and started our AI bootcamp in Antwerp.

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How exactly did you end up at BeCode? 
“Via an advanced Master’s degree, I already came into contact with AI, but since the training was too complicated, I was not able to finish it”. 

“BeCode gives me a second chance to delve into this domain. I saw that a new class was starting in Antwerp, so I decided to upskill myself in Python at home. I was looking for a more practical training and felt like BeCode could offer me this.”

What does artificial intelligence mean to you?
“Artificial intelligence is machine learning. Instead of programming code to produce a result, we feed a computer information so that it can generate these rules itself. You create, as it were, a model that can make predictions based on the information that you fed it before. Artificial intelligence includes a broader form of intelligence than machine learning. If you change one aspect and you are using a machine learning approach, the computer will no longer know the solution. AI transcends this.” 

“AI is a promising domain with a lot of future perspectives”

What did you find the most interesting project you’ve worked on so far? 
“That’s a difficult question as the field is constantly evolving. I particularly like the fact that there is so much unexplored terrain that can be further explored.”

If you had to choose one project, which one would it be? 
“Bio Tech, absolutely. Recently I gave a tech talk about synthetic biology. Machine learning will play a role in the processing of genetic material. This can speed up the development process.”

What keeps your motivation high?
“The connection with the coach and the fellow students. Everyone motivates each other in a constructive way. You don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes because everyone is here to learn.”

What challenges you the most during the training? 
“It intrigues me that the possibilities are endless. There is still so much to discover and this while many applications have already been developed. AI is a promising domain with a lot of future perspectives. However, I do find it challenging to implement the written code in the right way. You’re always looking for a solution that works, but if it’s insufficiently thought out, you stay afloat on the surface”.

 As you said yourself, AI evolves very fast. How do you keep up? 
“Am I up to date? That is the question! I think you have to work on it every day to really be aware of the latest developments. This makes it exciting. You discover new things every day.”

The end of the training is approaching. What are your plans for after the training? 
“Hopefully a successful internship. Most likely I won’t be working as a programmer after that. I rather want to be a kind of intermediary, advising companies. Another possibility is to do a job in sales again, but in the IT sector”.

What is a successful internship for you? 
“A role where I can use my potential to the fullest and where I feel good. At the same time, I hope to be an added value for the company I am doing my internship at.”

“I dream of working with robots”

Imagine… Tomorrow you will find the job of your dreams. What exactly would it be?
“I dream of working with robots, but for that I still have to experiment a lot because I don’t know much about it for the time being.”

Why do you think anyone should follow our AI bootcamp? 
“You have nothing to lose. It’s a quality training that is organized in a professional context. You will be guided very well to your goal. And the training is free of charge.

What do you think is the best way to prepare for the AI bootcamp?
“Teach yourself the basics of Python. Python is the world’s most popular programming language and is very simple. Good googling is also a skill that will come in handy”.

Are you interested in following the AI Bootcamp?

That’s possible! – On the 5th of January a new class will start in Antwerp.