After losing her job as a field engineer at the European parliament, Janina decided that it was time for a change. When looking for coding schools in Brussels, she stumbled upon BeCode and her passion for IT persuaded her to follow not one, but two of our trainings. Read all about her BeCode journey in the interview below. 

What were you doing before joining BeCode?
“I was working as a field engineer at the European parliament, but I had to leave my position and started looking for new opportunities.”

How did you get to know BeCode? 
“When searching on Google for coding schools in Brussels, I stumbled upon BeCode and I decided to try to get in.”

What convinced you to start a training at BeCode and not at a similar training center? 
“The dynamic, as you can be yourself at BeCode. I first started a training at a similar training center, but everything had to go how they wanted it to go and you had to be who they wanted you to be, and I didn’t like that. At BeCode they take you as you are.”

Before starting the SecOps training, you’ve followed our web development program. How did you experience it? 
“It was really really cool. I liked it a lot. The group was like a family as we were always working together and helping each other.”

On which programming languages did you focus during the training? 
“I’m a full-stack developer, so I was working with both front-end and back-end technologies. At the end of the training, I was focussing more on SQL to work with databases.”

What made you want to follow BeCode’s SecOps training afterwards? 
“I’m very happy that I’ve followed the web development training as it was a really nice experience, but I wasn’t totally fulfilled. I wanted to explore this domain further to understand why I couldn’t perform certain actions online. As I really liked BeCode and the message that you are conveying, I wanted to continue my journey here.”

How far along are you in the training? 
“We’ve just started the last month of the training which means that we are looking for interesting internship opportunities. At this stage, we are focussing on the technologies that we’ll be using during the internship.”

Did you already find an internship?
“Not yet, I’ve applied at several companies and had my first interview yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.”

What have you learned so far in the SecOps training? 
“I’ve learned a lot of programming languages, but as there is not enough time to learn everything during the training, BeCode also teaches you where to find valuable information that might help you proceed on your projects.” 

What languages did you learn? 
“The main languages were Bash and Python. It’s most likely that I’ll be working with Python during my internship, but I’m reviewing all the languages that I’ve learned so far so that I’m prepared for any opportunity.”

You’ve followed both the web development and SecOps training. Is the approach different in both trainings? 
“In web development, they gave you a week

to learn a certain language, and after you had to prove yourself via a group project. In SecOps that’s not always the case as what you create isn’t always understandable for someone who isn’t active in the field. Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating that you cannot show people what you’ve created.”

We cannot unsee the fact that COVID is impacting the learning experience. How is it impacting your BeCode journey?
“The training mostly takes place online. We haven’t seen each other in a while, which makes it harder to connect as a group. We’ve tried, but it’s not the same as when you are connecting in an offline setting. Also, group work isn’t always that easy online. But when I was still following the web development training and I had to learn a new programming language, I just put on my headphones to be alone with my computer. So it’s cool to be alone at home and to discover the field as nobody can disturb you here. It’s good and bad at the same time. ”

How are you tackling these challenges?
“I try to be connected to my colleagues by talking to them online. The whole group has decided to do so as some of us don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend and are therefore all alone at home and in need of some social contact.”

How would you explain SecOps to someone who doesn’t know anything about it?
“SecOps is a new position. A SecOps is an intermediator between different departments. He can talk to the developers, operators, etc, and will need to understand their point of view and communicate it to the other parties. This way everybody can work much more efficiently and effectively.”

What is a SecOps’ role in the developing process?
“You need to know a bit about everything. As you are closely working together with different departments, you need to have some understanding of what they are doing.”

You’ve almost completed your second training. What was the most exciting project that you’ve worked on during your entire BeCode journey?
“During the web development training we had to create a cookie page entirely in JavaScript. When we pushed the button on the last second and the project was working, everybody was so excited and relieved.”

What exactly did you have to program?
“We had to create a cookie policy web page that contained a little game. We first used Canva, followed by some front-end technologies and JavaScript to make it interactive.”

What are your future plans?
“That’s getting a job, yes (laughs).”

What is your dream job?
“That would definitely be a job as a SecOps, being an intermediary between different teams. I would also really like to work at a coding school such as BeCode where everyone helps each other and isn’t afraid to speak up.”

Are you interested in following our SecOps training?

Amazing! – On the 19th of January, a new class is starting in Brussels.