After a period of unemployment, Eline wanted to find a job in a forward-looking sector. IT seemed to her like the perfect option, but it was hard for her to conceive a career in this domain as she had almost no computer skills. By joining BeCode’s Hackeuses Club, she has learned to use the tools that matter today and is now exploring the next step on her way : a training to specialize in one IT job. Are you curious to find out more about Eline’s story? Then read her interview below.

What were you doing before joining the Hackeuses Club?
“I had been unemployed for a little while. Before that, I worked at the youth hostel in Charleroi. I am a young mother and it was a bit complicated because I lost my job. I looked for work in several domains. For example, I worked in an organic farm for some time. I followed trainings at the ADEPS in order to become a sports coach. In short, my life was going in several directions.” 

“And then, I realized that the digital professions truly are future jobs. Unlike most of my colleagues, I’m starting from scratch. I’m not a geek who has spent her life on computers, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling great about this training.”

What really pushed you to the IT field?
“First of all, it’s an industry in which there are many job opportunities. I liked the concept of the Hackeuses Club, as no prior knowledge or degrees were required. The fact that the initiative seeks to attract more women into the IT field is also something that I like. It motivated me to prove that women can do it.”

You’re in your third week of training. How has it been so far?
“It’s been great! Even better than I expected. I didn’t think I would enjoy learning these things so much. I realized that design is really something that I like, more than development so far, as I’m very attracted to the artistic aspect of it rather than the technical one.”

“But more than this, the humane and caring approach, the way we are supported and our amazing coaches make me feel great and make me love it here!.”

Could you describe the atmosphere of your group to our readers?
“In my group, we dare to talk about things that are not going well. I don’t know if that’s something my colleagues did before the Hackeuses Club, but for me it’s new. I used to be afraid of sharing that kind of stuff. At BeCode, we have so much support when something goes wrong that we’re not afraid to speak up. We can talk to our coaches or well as the group, and we always get support and help.” 

“And when things are going well, we have a great atmosphere, with jokers,… We function like a family or rather a big group of buddies who have known each other for a very long time. I just find it sad that the training is not face-to-face at the moment.”

What have you learned so far?
“I had no technical background. In the past, whenever I had to do something on the computer, I would ask someone to do it for me. So I learned a lot of things. I was already using Google Drive, but not well. Now I feel like I’ve conquered a new dimension. I learned a lot of little things about navigating, using the tools, etc.”

“I also learned things about myself. I learned to have more confidence in myself. Before, I was afraid to ask for help. If I failed my studies, it’s because I didn’t dare ask questions when I didn’t understand something. Today, I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.” 

“With the technical watches, I also learned several things, but this is still very advanced for me.”

Have you already given a watch?
“Yes, I did one on the subject of project managers. I am currently preparing a watch that is very important to me on the Toltec philosophy, and in particular the four Toltec agreements. It’s very important to me, and I really hope my colleagues will be receptive.” 

What’s been your favorite thing about the Hackeuses Club so far?
“The coaches, especially Sarah. I love the way she organizes the training: we work on our own, then she gives us the framework. I love her ideas, the gratitude notebook, the little sketches we do every week.”

“But actually, I love the whole training. Everything is great.”

Do you already know what you’d like to do after the Hackeuses Club?
“I’m leaving the door open to other ideas, but so far, I think I’d like to become an UX/UI designer rather than a developer.”

Do you think the Hackeuses Club will change your life?
“I think the Hackeuses Club has already changed my life. I hadn’t worked in a long time. The training puts me back into a professional rhythm, a routine. It also opens the doors to a new world in which I can navigate. It’s also a great human experience. I am a very anxious person and sometimes I stay at home to do nothing, and BeCode takes me out of that. So it’s already changed my life.” 

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is hesitating to join the Hackeuses Club?
“If you’re free, if you have the time and if you’re available, it’s only 6 weeks, so give it a try and you’ll see!”

Like Eline, would you like to take one of our trainings in Charleroi ? You can become a web developer or an AI data operator with BeCode for free.