Although Seppe did not complete his bachelor’s degree in computer science, his passion for IT never vanished. With a renewed interest and a good dose of motivation, he started looking for a new adventure. During his search he found out about BeCode Antwerp, where he is now following the AI bootcamp. But what exactly is AI and what is Seppe’s new career path like?

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How did you get to know BeCode?
“Via, via. BeCode seemed to me to be the perfect way not only to learn new things, but also to apply them. I haven’t been able to complete my bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. So I had to look for something new and data science and AI always appealed to me.”

What was the most interesting project to work on so far? 
“What I am currently working on. We are working on a lot of use cases from companies. Every week we focus on a new case.”

If you had to choose one specific case, which one would it be? 
“One of the biggest projects we have worked on. The aim of the project was to map the houses in Flanders by means of satellite photos. Through light reflection we carried out measurements on the photographs in order to later convert these measurements to the correct coordinates. However, the files were very large and had to be redistributed and sorted in order to use them. This distribution was done on the basis of the coordinates. If you enter an address, you can calculate the geographical coordinates of the house on that spot. The height of all the points in the environment, in turn, allows you to map the environment in 3D and to create a true image.”

“For me, AI is: fooling a rather stupid device into exhibiting intelligent behavior”

What role does AI play in this project?
“We studied how to align the architecture with the current urban planning. The surface area and total volume of the houses could be calculated. This meant that new data could be added to the existing files. This data can in turn be analyzed.” 

How would you define artificial intelligence?
“For me, AI is: fooling a rather stupid device into exhibiting intelligent behaviour. In essence it is an attempt to apply a natural, biological learning process to machines. The machines learn, as it were, from their previous experiences in order to be able to make more intelligent decisions towards the future.”

What challenges you most about the training? 
“You always have to push yourself to learn. Your curiosity is your only brake. My motivation is the freedom you get at BeCode to focus on the things you find interesting.” 

Why do you think anyone should follow our AI bootcamp?
“It is a field that is evolving rapidly.”

How do you think potential candidates can best prepare for the AI bootcamp? 
“All the tools that you need in order to get to know the training better are available. I would say: keep experimenting and dare to make mistakes.”

As you mentioned before, AI is evolving rapidly. How do you keep up?
“You have to keep trying new sources and tools. It is a matter of daring to experiment. When there is new information or a new tool available, I download it immediately so I can discover it. I start a new code, practice for about two hours and then I have mastered the basics. I am still convinced that you learn more in the process than if you just read the theory.” 

The end of the training is approaching. What are your plans for after the training?
“To be honest, I really don’t know yet. But I do have a lot more self-confidence than I did six months ago. I’m really looking forward to the internship and hope that it will lead to a job.”

“I am still convinced that you learn more in the process than if you just read the theory. 

How come you have more self-confidence now than you did a few months ago?
“My studies awakened my interest in the domain, but I had never been able to prove myself in it. This training did give me that opportunity. I was able to hone my soft skills, such as giving presentations or having conversations with companies. All this makes the step into the business world a lot less frightening for me.”

Imagine… You will find the job of your dreams tomorrow. What exactly would it be? 
“I would like to make existing processes better and more efficient than they already are. If I really had to choose a domain, I would choose the music industry as more and more applications are emerging in which AI is involved. Deep fakes, for example, in which you mimic the voices of famous people using AI.”

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