That Oyuna has a passion for IT is no secret. With a degree as an SAP consultant under her belt, she decided to enroll in the IT Support Certificate. The goal? To pursue a future-oriented career in the domain. Curious about what the certificate entails and how she has experienced her journey so far? Then quickly read the interview below!

What were you doing before embarking on this online learning journey? 
“I was following BeCode’s SAP course, right after having tried the web development course, but sadly, this training wasn’t for me. I wish I would’ve discovered the IT support certificate sooner as it’s a better fit for me than web development. Having obtained this certificate will look good on my CV and LinkedIn. It shows that I’m not just sitting here, not doing anything.”

What made you want to obtain this certificate? 
“I want to find a job in IT. If I can combine all the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past years, recruiters will see that I’m motivated and determined to get a job in the field.”

In what domain do you want to work afterwards? 
“It would be great to work in the IT world. I’ve applied for jobs in IT support, but have also explored the possibility of working as an SAP consultant. But as my Dutch is intermediate, I haven’t been able to find a job. Several recruiters have told me that my level wasn’t good enough to kick off a professional career in this field.”

What’s the added value of having obtained the IT support certificate next to having finished the SAP consultant training?
“It shows that I’m motivated to start working in IT. Even though I’m broadening my knowledge, I’m still focussing on gaining skills that might enable me to find a job in this field.”

What are the different modules that are covered in this online learning journey? 
“To obtain the certificate, you have to complete five different modules. We kicked off with the bits and bytes of technical support, followed by computer networking, operating systems, system administration and security.”

Have you been getting some support from BeCode along the way? 
“BeCode has created a community around this training path. Liesbeth has invited me for several support sessions where you are encouraged to exchange questions, personal experiencs and opinions with 

other learners following the same training path.”

What’s your favorite thing about the experience as a whole?
“Listening to the story of people that didn’t have IT knowledge, but ended up working at Google after having followed such a training path is motivating and inspiring.”

How did you like the platform? 
“One of the strongpoints of this platform is that the theory is explained in a fun way. It feels as if you are a friend of the expert that is shedding light on a certain topic. Next to that, it’s great that you’ve to apply everything that you’ve learned before you can move on to the next topic. The quizzes are also a great way to put your knowledge to the test. Last but not least, the certificate is prestigious as the training is certified by Google. I even got this opportunity for free, thanks to BeCode.” 

You followed the SAP course at the same time as when working on obtaining this certificate. Was it feasible to combine both trainings?
“It wasn’t easy. I tried to finish at least one module and the accompanied quiz every evening. I must admit that the practical approach really motivated me to continue.”

What are your future plans? 
“Finishing this certificate and continuing to apply for jobs.” 

Do you want to add something? 
“If you’re a woman interested in taking the plunge, don’t be scared. BeCode will always be there to support you and answer your questions. Houria is an angel, she has been helping me so much. Just give this certificate a try and you’ll see how much support you’ll get along the way.”

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