After losing his job in the research sector, Jean-Christophe was looking for a new opportunity. After realizing he enjoyed working with data, he decided to acquire more skills in that domain. That’s how he joined BeCode’s AI Bootcamp in Charleroi. After a successful training, he started an internship at Agilytic. Curious to hear how things went ? Check out his interview!

What were you doing before joining a BeCode training?
“I have a Master’s degree in physiotherapy and a PhD in psychology. I worked for years in several research centers (University and others). I was already working with advanced statistical modelling back then.” 

“Due to budget cuts and restructuring, I unfortunately found myself at 42 years old without a job, with a solid background and a lot of experience. That means I was a potentially expensive profile in a sector where the job market is very tight. So it was complicated.”

“Now, in my previous jobs, I had been in contact with the data science field. I didn’t dig deeper into it, but I was already very curious about it back then. Since I was not  working, I first trained myself online, and then I heard about BeCode. After quite a bit of thought and advice from my friends and relatives, I decided to sign up for BeCode and started the adventure on August 18, 2021.”

What made you want to join BeCode?
“I didn’t really do a comparison study. I followed BeCode on LinkedIn and after seeing profiles of people taking the AI training and getting more information on the quality of the training, I decided to go for it.”

Can you tell us about your learning experience?
“I attended the AI Bootcamp in Charleroi. The first two weeks were very difficult because I had very little knowledge in the coding field. That means I had to process a lot of information in a very short time. As time went on, I started to integrate the vocabulary and routines, and it got better and better.”

“For the first couple of months, I felt a little weak compared to my younger colleagues who were born in a digital world. When we started working on machine learning and deep learning, my knowledge of statistics took over.”

“The training that BeCode offers puts a strong emphasis on autonomy, which allows us to adjust the learning to what we are interested in. I’ve always liked math, so I enjoyed honing my understanding of the mathematical foundations of the algorithms that we were discovering.”

Could you describe the atmosphere of your group?
“We were able to do the first two months partly face-to-face. After that, it was a little more difficult with the social distancing resulting from Covid-19, but the fact that we were able to meet and get to know each other was important to build bridges between people despite the distance.”

“In the group, we had a good relationship with one another. Each had their own skills that they shared with the rest of the team. When anyone was struggling with something, someone was always there to help. The coaches also did a great job at building a team spirit, mutual help and collective intelligence.”

What skills did you learn at BeCode?
“I learned how to program, especially in Python, how to put machine learning into production, how to do cloud deployment, which is a lot already. By the end of the training, we become autonomous in our approach and where we can potentially do anything. “

“When I started my internship, thanks to BeCode, I knew directly where to find the right piece of information, which libraries to use, which sites to visit, etc. At this stage, you can potentially do everything you want.”

How did you find your internship?
“I wanted to find an internship in which I could work on a diverse range of projects. I also had several interests that I wanted to get back to (including education and health), but I didn’t want to do the same thing all the time, so I turned to consultancy companies that were more generalist and where I could put to good use my sectoral expertise while discovering new areas.”

Can you tell us about the company in which you did your internship?
“I did my internship at Agilytic. This company was founded by two people five years ago. Today, the company has around 20 employees.” 

“The company works with several partners that have dormant data that could potentially help them improve their business. So these companies collaborate with Agilytic to, for example, automate their processes, increase their profitability and capabilities.”

“Agilytic works with data in a very pragmatic way because they aim for the best possible result for the customers without getting into too complicated models. It’s very different from one case to the other, depending on what the available data enables us to do. For example, as part of my internship, we worked on an NLP (Natural Language Processing) project that aimed at classifying documents with ‘transformers’ algorithms that are part of the best practices in the domain today.”

What technical skills that you’ve learned at BeCode, did you use as part of your internship?
“In the project I’ve been working on, I use 80-90% of the skills I learned at BeCode: I developed an API that operates a deep learning model that has an interface. So I had to develop models that would be as efficient as possible. Two other important aspects were the production release and the whole web part.“ 

“In addition to these technical skills, this internship has allowed me to continue my journey in the world of continuous learning, as you get used to certain things and learn new things. So it’s a nice learning curve that I had.”

Would you say that BeCode changed your life?
“Yes. I’m 44 years old and in the middle of my career. I went from having no job opportunities to just the opposite. Today, the work that I’m doing stimulates me much more intellectually. Via the methodology used at BeCode, we also become real game players, a very interesting aspect that I often encounter in the data scientist job.”

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is starting a training at BeCode?
“I would advise that person not to hesitate, to go for it, knowing that it will be very demanding.”

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