After working for several years in the law sector, Luciano wanted to give his professional career a new twist and registered to our web development training in Charleroi. After an intensive training and a successful internship, he was offered a position of CEO of a new law platform.

Curious to know how that big switch happened? Find out in his interview below!

What were you doing before your training at BeCode ?
”I am a legal practitioner by training and I’ve worked for several years for the public sector and for a law firm. Then I got fed up. I had always been interested in IT, but there was this step that seemed impossible to take. After getting information from BeCode and other trainings, I chose to do this career shift with you because your training is of high quality, its reputation is excellent, and because it is a free program.”

Why BeCode and not another training center?
“First of all, I liked your learning methodology. I have been used to the conventional learning method and, even though I have graduated in my studies, I did not like that way of learning because it was too academic.”

“At BeCode, there’s a guiding thread, and all along that thread, we are invited to learn by ourselves. That’s what convinced me: the self-learning and the fact that we learn how to find the answer to our questions.”

Can you tell us about the selection process at BeCode?
“At first, I was very nervous because I don’t have any knowledge about maths. It’s easy to think that, to be able to work in IT, you need to be an engineer. After coming to the open doors, I realized that it was more about a logical mind and that this was therefore accessible to me. This, and the online exercises to complete, made me feel more confident for the selections.”

“People care at BeCode. And I’d really like to say that, even if you think that your administrative situation won’t allow you to join the training, know that at BeCode, there are people in the team who’ll do their utmost best to help you out.”

How did the beginning of your training go?
“The first month of training is like a buzz. On the one hand, you’re happy to learn so many new things and to get practical experience directly. But on the other hand, you start doubting yourself because this training pushes you very quickly out of your comfort zone, which can be difficult. But when you realize everything you’ve accomplished, it’s very gratifying.”

“So the first month of training teaches you that you will go through doubts but that you’ll always have your caring coaches to help you out. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for everything they have done for me. 

Could you describe the atmosphere in your group?
“Group projects enable us to quickly get to know each other, which helps us find resources we don’t already have. And the other way around: when you dedicate your time to help your colleagues understand something, it helps you validate your own skills.”

“Team spirit is therefore very important, and my promotion was full of amazing people.”

What did you prefer in your BeCode journey?
“The internship. At first, it’s stressful because you think nobody will want to hire you. But then, I was lucky to have an internship at the company where I’m still working, Finauxa. And it opened my eyes about the fact that I can go beyond web development, which I didn’t think was possible. With their “Transhumance” program, I have realized that I could broaden my horizons, and things went so well that they offered me to be the CEO of their new platform, called Ulegalize.”

“IT is a permanent training and I have learned that thanks to BeCode.”

What technical skills did you learn at BeCode?
“When I started the training, I had zero IT skills. When we started with HTML and CSS, it was all brand new to me. Then, we did JavaScript and PHP, as well as some frameworks. As part of my internship, I worked a lot with React. Today, I want to learn other frameworks. My internship also taught me how to manage an IT team.”

“What I like about IT is that you have a solid base, and from there, you can go anywhere you like.”

What about soft skills?
“The learners’ knowledge can really differ from a person to another and sometimes you can be doubting yourself. Our coaches have taught us that everyone learns at their

own pace. If you have never written a line of code, don’t think you won’t be able to become a good developer or even a good CEO for a software editing company.”

Seven months in training, that’s quite intense. What was the most difficult part of it for you?
“In this training, you’re often taken out of your comfort zone, which can be bewildering. But just like air turbulence when you’re in a plane, when you gain experience, you get used to it and you know the storm will soon be behind you.”

“As far as my class is concerned, there was also the corona crisis. Thankfully, our coaches supported us a lot by providing us with relevant information very quickly and finding solutions so that we all could follow the training.”

After the on-site training, BeCode learners go on an internship in a company. Can you tell us about your internship experience?
“First of all, I’d like to encourage learners to go for the 3-month internship rather than a shorter one. It seems like a lot of time but it really isn’t. After 3 months, you don’t want it to be over.”

“I was lucky to be in touch with the company quite early and to do my technical internship there. I’ve worked with PHP, JavaScript, React,… I even did some Java, which I had no experience with. My existing knowledge, my ability to find answers and solutions and my amazing coach helped me a lot in this experience.”

“My company has a BeCode-like evolution and learning path that enables you to develop yourself quickly and which opens up perspectives: I started as a web developer, I enjoyed working on the ULegalize project and was then offered to take care of it. I enjoyed my internship because it was in line with my BeCode experience.”

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re doing today and about this platform you are managing?
”Finauxa is a company that specializes in IT services for public authorities. We have developed a virtual office system for legal practitioners called ULegalize. This software is customizable according to the practice. I am CEO of this platform for Belgium, Luxembourg and France.”

”My legal background enables me to manage the customer interface and my technical skills learned at BeCode allow me to work with the technical team. I’m really happy to have the entrepreneurial hat on today while working with the different skills that I’ve acquired in the past.”

Congratulations! What is your next dream?
”I am very attached to Belgium. I think there are plenty of gold nuggets in this country that are just waiting to be brought to market. We’d really like to help BeCode in this process. Another plan is to invest in our IT department.”

”Finally, we’d like to make ULegalize accessible to all legal practitioners since it’s a free, transparent and open tool. Behind this platform, there is the pledge of a more accessible and direct justice. We recently met with the Minister of Justice and the Secretary of State for Digitalization and we hope to continue along this path.”

How did BeCode change your life?
“It’s very simple: BeCode changed everything. It gave me new perspectives by giving me a basis to build a new career on. I wish all future BeCoders to find an amazing internship where they’ll be able to keep learning and see their dreams come true.”

If you had to describe BeCode in one single word?
“Transhumance: we transform ourselves by traveling from one place to a brand new territory.”

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is hesitating to join one of our trainings?
“First of all, I would advise that person to attend an info session and ask all their questions: there are no stupid questions. At BeCode, you’ll always get a friendly ear. Also, BeCode is like a big family. If anyone has questions about BeCode, they can reach out to me on LinkedIn, I’ll be happy to help. Finally, BeCode offers a training in which you can feel good. All you need to do is to take the big jump!”

Are you interested in following our web development training?

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