Mathieu couldn’t find his place in traditional education and decided to end his school career prematurely. Nevertheless, his passion for computer science persuaded him to follow not one, but two trainings at BeCode.

Discover his (BeCode) journey!

Can you tell us a bit more about your trail and your first training at BeCode?
“BeCode was the turning point for me since I started from nothing. I dropped out of school in fourth grade, but I’ve always been passionate about computer science. I had already experimented a bit with programming, but I didn’t have any concrete knowledge. Later I followed the first BeCode training in Charleroi. I was immediately attracted to the training because it’s not like school here. BeCode is aimed at self-study in a group and the only binding rule is not to be late. It’s like in the business world.” 

“At the end of my first BeCode training, I started working at Editions Dupuis. I did an internship there before I got hired. And I had the same feeling there too. What you have to pay attention to are the timetables and the group feeling.” 

“So my first training went very well. I have great memories of the ING Breaking Habits Hackathon. I immediately understood that BeCode is the kind of training where you get a lot in return, the more you invest in it. Just because I had never really accomplished anything before, I really gave my all. I gave everything I had. I was completely pulled out of my comfort zone. That has been a really crazy year for me. After that I did an internship at Dupuis, which was another insane year. I developed the Webtoon Factory application for them. You can look it up because it is online.”

“After that I had a bit of a difficult period because I had relationship problems. Then IFAPME contacted me to come and give web development courses. At the same time a friend had told me about BeCode’s more advanced training. My former fellow students, Arnaud and David, brought me into contact with Ludovic. He in return told me about the new training and the possibilities. My first experience at BeCode, the fact that this training was a level higher and that it brought new possibilities, convinced me. I gave up my job and chose to follow this training.”

“Psychologically speaking BeCode taught me a lot. I didn’t feel well and BeCode gave me a boost.” 

“Psychologically speaking BeCode taught me a lot. I didn’t feel well and BeCode gave me a boost”

What do you like most about BeCode?
“I would say the atmosphere. We are really in an open space. It’s a bit more delicate now with the Coronavirus, but we’re a small group and I can see the difference. But without a doubt, the atmosphere at BeCode is exactly what I was looking for.”

What have you learned so far with your new training?
“I’ve already learned a new programming language that I didn’t know at all, Python. In this short period of time I have the necessary basic knowledge and we started a first project. It’s not nothing and frankly we are making good progress. We work in groups of three and I use the knowledge I acquired during my first training.”

What would your dream job be after this training?
“When I finished my first training at BeCode, I could choose between working at Dupuis and working as a coach at BeCode. I would like to do that because I like the atmosphere here so much.”

“I then had a conversation with the director and he advised me to work at Dupuis to gain some experience in a company and later return to BeCode. But when I finished my project at Dupuis, there were no more open positions at BeCode. But after this training, why not? Even if it’s not a job for my whole life, it’s still something I really want to do. And if you really want something, it usually works out. And I know I can really contribute something to the BeCode team.”

“Otherwise there is Alstom here in Charleroi. My father worked there his whole life, so it would be great to become a Machine Learning Engineer at Alstom.” 

Is there anything else you would like to add?
“I have a lot to say, but I don’t know what to say at this point. BeCode, I am such a big fan… I’m kind of a fanboy and I’m also a fan of my coach.”