The BeCode team consists of 43 motivated people who do their utmost every day to prepare the juniors for their new career path. Therefore we would like to take you behind the scenes to introduce you to our enthusiastic and driven team members!

Today, meet AI coach Chrysanthi Katrini!

Today, we are meeting one of BeCode’s latest recruits, our AI coach Chrysanthi! Hi Chrysanthi, how are you?
“I’m fine thank you. What about you?”

I’m fine thanks. Could you tell us a bit about your background?
“Sure. I come from Greece and I have studied computer science. I have two Master’s degrees: one in informatics and multimedia and one in computer vision. I have worked in several countries: the UK, Switzerland, France, and now Belgium.”

Which was your favorite so far?
“I loved it in the UK because Manchester is an amazing city. But I also really like it here. I like living in Leuven and I love my work environment at BeCode.” 

When you heard about BeCode, what made you want to join the project?
“I didn’t know a lot about the company. I had been working in Greece for a couple of months, where I was a coach. When the training in Greece was coming to an end, I wanted to see what was happening on the market and I read about BeCode on LinkedIn. I did some research and was really impressed by the message conveyed by BeCode. We help people who do not have a lot of money and who don’t have a chance or who want to change careers. And we help them succeed in this, or at least to do the first step in that direction. That’s very important, and that’s the very reason why I clicked the button to apply.”

What’s your current mission at BeCode?
“My current mission is really exciting! I am preparing our new AI Bootcamp, which we’ll launch in Antwerp. I’m also working on an upskilling program we are launching with Telenet in which we show Telenet employees the secrets of Python.”

That’s indeed exciting! Is there a specific aspect of AI that inspires you?
“Yes. You can do a masterpiece with AI if you learn how to deal with all aspects of it. My big interest would be more in the medical sector because it’s a field in which I feel that we could help a lot of people. For example, in Greece, we have many islands that are remote from the mainland. If some-

one has a problem and needs to travel to the mainland, it’s rather difficult because of poor boat connections and flying by helicopter is expensive. With AI, I could help those people, especially as far as the medical aspect is concerned. If something happens to you or if you have strange symptoms and wonder what’s going on with your body, you could easily use an AI application and have a first clue – not a diagnosis, we’re not doctors – of what’s happening. Which can motivate you to get professional help. We, humans, tend to think that as long as we’re alive, everything’s alright and we need someone to tell us “Go to the doctor”. So, yes, this would be my favorite aspect of AI.”

Now, let’s talk a bit about BeCode. Each morning, when you wake up, what makes you want to come to work?
“Two things motivate me a lot: my learners and my coworkers. It’s so amazing to see my learners improve their skills every day. When they leave the building at 5 PM and you can see their progress, and you hear them talk about their own progress, it pays off all the hard work that we are doing. And of course, my coworkers. They’re amazing. They make me feel at home. So, in the morning, it doesn’t feel like I’m leaving home to go to work. I’m leaving home to go to another home. It’s really warm and nice.”

And we love you being here. I have one last question for you. A lot of people are concerned about AI, about privacy, about the fact that AI could be a danger for them. What would you tell those people as an AI specialist?
“I hear a lot of people say “AI will conquer the world”. Well… It’s true. It could happen. But I’d tell these people: “Don’t be afraid of AI. If there’s one thing you should be afraid of, it’s the people who are handling AI.” So my message would be: “Don’t be afraid of what can happen with the use of AI. Instead, put yourself in a developer’s shoes. Train yourself so you can do things and know-how such things are working. All of your questions will be solved immediately.“

Thank you so much
“Thank you very much.”

Are you interested in following the AI Bootcamp?

Amazing! – We have a new class starting in Antwerp on the 5th of January.