Arlette embarked on a self-learning journey to grow on a personal and professional level. During this trip, she stumbled upon the SAP consultant training. Curious about what this training could bring to her, she attended an info session, which made her want to enroll even more. As her training is slowly coming to an end, she is about to kick off her new career. Curious about her journey? Then make sure to read the interview below.

What did you do before joining BeCode?
“I embarked on a self-discovery journey: I travelled, I studied, I learned a new language, I read books, … I wanted to keep on learning new things for personal and professional growth. Which, in the beginning of the year, led me to BeCode’s SAP training.”

Why did you want to join this training?
“In the beginning I wanted to join out of curiosity. I wanted to discover the ERP system that many recruiters insist on having experience with during job interviews. But after attending one of BeCode’s info sessions, I could better understand what SAP is about. It gave me the motivation to learn SAP not only for end-user purposes but also for business processes mapping to better support companies.”

How did you prepare for the selections?
I read about SAP, procurement processes and other material management modules that I found out about via Google. I also visited the BeCode website to sharpen my knowledge of the training.”

How did you experience your journey?
“It was an awesome experience for me: the team was amazing, always willing to help each other. The course was intensive but in-between there were some fun quizzes and interesting tech talks. I also like challenges, so I found it interesting to, together with my colleagues, create projects from scratch and then attempt at mapping them in SAP.”

Do you have tips for someone that is about to start our SAP training? 
“Motivation is key! The journey can be challenging in the beginning but hang in there. The more you learn and practice, the clearer it gets. It took me some time to understand terms like front-end versus back-end development but simple images helped me understand those concepts. So do not worry, if you don’t have a background in IT or procurement, they’ll look for ways to help you understand.”

Your advice to the Arlette of December 2020?
“If you want to fly, you have to give up on what weighs you down…”

Are you interested in following our SAP consultant training?

That’s possible! – Register before the 9th of April for our new class in Antwerp!