SAP Consultant junior Cheryle: “BeCode is a great opportunity to broaden your network!”

by Mar 9, 2021News

Living in Belgium for two years, Cheryle dreamt of starting a career that would combine her two passions: IT and sales. When she heard about BeCode’s SAP consultant training, she realized this would be the next step towards her dream job.

Curious about how she has experienced BeCode’s very first SAP training ? Then read her interview below!

What did you do before joining BeCode? 
“I arrived in Belgium two years ago. Before joining BeCode, I was studying Dutch at Encora in Antwerp for about 1,5 years.”

Why did you want to follow our SAP training?
“I studied IT, but worked in business and sales. I wanted to pursue a career that focuses on both domains and that’s how I came across the SAP consultant training. BeCode’s post on LinkedIn about the training caught my attention and I immediately grabbed this opportunity to apply.”

How did you prepare for the selections? 
“The first thing I did was, of course, doing some research on BeCode and I learned the basics of SAP. I also attended several BeCode events and lastly, prepared for the interviews.”

How did you experience the training?
“The training was amazing! I learned a lot about how SAP works, as well as the terminologies that are used. Next to that, I practiced my soft skills. Our coach was very helpful and showed a lot of patience. I felt lucky to be part of a class where everyone was active and respectful towards each other. BeCode is a great opportunity to broaden your network!”

Do you have any tips for potential learners? 
“Stay focused and motivated! Try to make time to review, in your free time or after class, what you have learned.”

What’s your advice for the Cheryle of December 2020? 
“Work hard, stay focused, and have a positive attitude! Good things will come to you, so don’t give up on your dreams!”

Are you interested in following our SAP consultant training?

That’s possible! – Register before the 12th of March for our new class in Antwerp!


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